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Success Story: How Celida Became an Inspiration For Her Family

You never know how your actions will change the lives of those around you. Celida's fitness journey was the exact motivation for her family needed.

Celida had always struggled with her weight since she could remember. She never played sports growing up and never learned healthy eating habits. As time went on and her life changed with work and family, she put herself lower and lower on her list of priorities leading to more weight gain.

Success Story: How Celida Became an Inspiration For Her Family 

Unhappy with how she looked and felt, she elected to sign up at the Steve Nash Langley Fitness World gym. After sticking with the gym for a month, she decided to bring her 14 year-old son with her. 

It has always been so important to me that he keeps active. I remember driving with him to the gym for the first time and telling him "I don't want you to be like me". It almost brought me to tears saying this. I don't want him to struggle his whole life to be healthy.

While waiting for her son to finish his workout, she was approached by Lindy, one of the personal trainers at gym. After hesitantly accepting an offer of a complimentary training session, Celida was hooked and started seeing the results she was looking for after continued sessions.

It didn't take me long to feel better about myself and lose weight after following her eating guidelines and workouts. I started with Lindy on July 25 and to date I've lost 32 pounds!


This entire experience has not only been helpful for Celida, but her entire family. Inspired by her progess, her family is now eating healthier and exercising together at the gym. Most importantly, Celida has been a positive role model for her son and demonstrating the power of living a healthy lifestyle.

I'll never forget the moment when my son said he was proud of me after watching me working out with Lindy. It never occurred to me that I could be the inspiration for him to follow a healthy lifestyle. This gave the motivation to keep going every single day. This experience has truly changed my life and my family's.

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