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Success Story: Carolyn Re-Learned How to Use Her Muscles

You don't realize the importance of your muscles, until they don't work anymore. 

Carolyn had been an epileptic for most of her life. In 2009, she went in for brain surgery, and everything went well. Or so she thought. 

Success Story: Carolyn Re-Learned How to Use Her Muscles

After her surgery, Carolyn felt like she had lost control of all of her muscles. It had become difficult to walk and grasp onto things. It took her over a year to be able to go for a longer walk, and she constantly struggled with balance and coordination. 

With less mobility than before, Carolyn started to notice her weight gain. She felt like she had tried so many things to shed the pounds, but nothing stuck–until she went to Steve Nash Fitness Clubs. 

Carolyn decided that it was time she started to look after herself and headed to Victoria Fitness World

After being housebound for a long time I said "It's time." [It was] time for me to look after myself. So I joined. I want to look good and feel good!

Thanks to the support of her trainer, Emma Graham, at Victoria Fitness World, Carolyn learned how to understand and move her body in the proper way. She started to feel so energized, that she had to keep moving. 

Just looking at my picture before and for what I look like now, brings me happy tears. I'm so proud of myself to have made progress that I never thought would happen.  

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