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Success Story: How Brittany Rediscovered Her Love of Fitness and Exercising

You can always turn something negative into something positive. Brittany turned negative interactions with others into motivation to rediscover her love of exercising.

Brittany always had a love for fitness and exercising, competing in cheerleading throughout high school. Once high school ended, she was faced with personal struggles that caused strains on her mental health and led to increased weight gain.

Motivated by people rooting against her, Brittany decided to get back into exercising. She joined the Steve Nash Kelowna Fitness World gym and immediately rekindled her love of working out!

I went from barely being able to lift 5 lb. weights or doing more than a 50 lb. leg press!


Brittany, with the help of her trainer Francesca C, has remained focused on making fitness a priority in her life and continues to reach towards her personal exercise goals.

I now work out 6 days a week! I have started incorporating better nutrition into my routine to help get even more incredible results. I want to be a future figure competitor.  


With her rediscovered passion for exercising and staying active, Brittany is using her results to encourage people close in her life to move towards creating and crushing their own fitness goals!

I have started motivating others to achieve their goals and it makes me happy that I can change others lives.

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