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Success Story: Ashley P. Overcame Emotional Abuse to Reach her Goal Weight

Body image is always subjective, and the relationships we are in can make us change the way we see our bodies, for better or worse.  

Ashley has struggled with her weight for as long as she can remember. She was imprisoned in an abusive relationship that left her feeling trapped and that no one, outside of this person, would ever want to be with her. This caused a downward spiral towards alcohol, drugs, and food.

Success Story: Ashley P. Overcame Emotional Abuse to Reach her Goal Weight

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The day she met Jerome at Abbotsford Fitness World, was the day that her fitness goals would come true. After months of working out, she found that she was not achieving the results she wanted to see on her own. With Jerome, she began exceeding her goals and began noticing other changes within herself; she was happier.

“Jerome motivated me daily and was an amazing support system as I struggled initially and as I continued to grow. He regularly checked in with me, even when I stopped regular training sessions with him. I now consider him a friend, not just my trainer”

Now over 60lbs lighter, Ashley has a new outlook. As she lost the weight, people around her began to notice, and this only increased her motivation.

My self-esteem flourished as I became stronger and healthier. The changes in my life style also helped me manage my depression and anxiety, to the point where I no longer hoped for a good day, but instead managed the few bad days”

8 months of hard work and a whole lot of determination later, Ashley was able to hit her weight loss goal and work on her mental health because of the support she received from SNFC! Congratulations Ashley!

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