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Success Story: Ashley H. Battled Scoliosis to Live Like a Regular Kid

Living with injury from a young age has a different set of challenges. Growth spurts can create new issues, or change the progress of healing. 

Ashley was living like any teenage girl. She was a competitive and recreational dancer, and played basketball and volleyball. This all changed when she had a major growth spurt in grade 8, causing debilitating pain. 

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Diagnosed with scoliosis at seven years old, Ashley was able to manage her pain until her growth spurt. She quit dance, basketball and volleyball, and had to miss school regularly since she couldn't sit for long periods of time without being overwhelmed by pain. 

Success Story: Ashley H. Battled Scoliosis to Live Like a Regular Kid

Since Ashley had been so active her entire life, she found it difficult to be sedentary, trying to exercise in her own basement, but quitting soon after in fear of hurting herself more, or ending up in too much pain. She didn't think she would ever be able to dance or play sports again.

Finally, Ashley saw a scoliosis specialist at the children's hospital. Through extensive testing, she was transferred to a doctor who specialized in CRPS (complex regional pain syndrome), focusing on those experiencing severe pain for longer than six months. Ashley's new specialist directed her start working with a naturopath and a personal trainer. 

Steve Nash gave me a great place to work out. They have the environment of friendly and caring people and employees. They have also given me an awesome and amazing trainer to work with.

Ashley and her mom went to Morgan Crossing Sports Club to for session with trainer, Brian. Starting that day, Ashley noticed a major improvement in her symptoms and pain. She had better posture, and was able to live more like a teenager should–participate in gym class, play sports, dancing, and even taking steps two at a time!

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