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Success Story: Amanda F. Gained Confidence for Her Friend's Big Day

Like many people, Amanda had been physically active for most of her life. She played soccer, loved swimming - the usual kid stuff, but always remained a little overweight, even being given the loving nickname "waddle-waddle". 

It was in high school that her weight dramatically increased. Her new sedentary life playing video games, combined with a poor diet didn't help. 

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Amanda had her first turning point in her weight loss journey after her first, and particularly difficult, breakup. 

One of the things he told me when he broke up with me was, “I hoped we could workout together too”. As though my weight was a huge issue for him, and it crushed me because I already felt like my weight made me undesirable.

But she took this frustration and started to hit the gym. Within two months she had dropped 40lbs and started to feel better as she released her anger. However, after two years she had regained the weight–and then some. This led to a cycle of weight loss and gain, exercising and giving up. With her weight, came anxiety and depression, as Amanda felt constantly judged. 

Success Story: Amanda F. Gained Confidence for Her Friend's Big Day

After another relationship ended sourly, Amanda moved to Vancouver for work and found herself alone, struggling with depression and anxiety, and wasn't surrounded by support from family and friends. 

I cried almost daily for months because I hated the feeling that I was worthless and nothing I did mattered—that my existence didn’t matter. I didn’t care about living much anymore and just kind of went through my day-to-day motions.

Amanda found herself eating poorly as she lost hope and entered into a deeper depression. Work had been the only thing that was able to distract her from the pain and anger she was feeling. 

Finally, Amanda saw light at the end of the tunnel after a friend asked her to be her maid of honour. She wanted to feel confident for her friends wedding, and to be the best version of herself, physically. 
Joining Marine Gateway Fitness World, Amanda was ready for change. She had pushed herself to lose around 10lbs each month until the wedding. Going to the gym four times each week using her own workouts, she was approached by personal trainer, Chris Blancas. This pushed Amanda to join the 90-Day Challenged, getting to the gym 6 days per week, and seeing Chris as her personal trainer. 

Amanda crushed her goal weight, dropping over 12 dress sizes, and felt confident in every photo from her friends wedding. 

I don’t want to make it seem easy, so I want to reiterate that it was extremely hard to lose what I lost in just 9 and a half months, but now I want to keep going. I have a target weight and continue to work towards meeting that goal.

Amanda created her own community to find support at Marine Gateway. The staff made her feel comfortable, and the motivation from a personal trainer pushed her to try new exercises and create goals she wouldn't have set out otherwise.  

It is not only my personal trainer, however, who has been supportive at the gym. Every one of the other trainers, the managers, the sales people, and even the cleaning staff, and some of the gym regulars have all encouraged me along the way. They always tell me to keep pushing and that my determination and change has been inspirational. 

Not only did Amanda meet her weight loss goals since starting at Marine Gateway Fitness World, but she noticed her energy levels increased, she minimized her back pain and gained confidence. While she sometimes does go through bouts of depression, she feels they are less intense than before starting a strong fitness routine. 

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