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Success Stories 2020 Winner: Malihe Ghamarsourat

"I tried to lose weight for three years. I tried shakes, diets and exercise programs, but always ended up feeling discouraged and defeated."

Malihe tried everything before she found Amir at Steve Nash Lonsdale. From protein shakes, exercise and diet programs... nothing worked for her when trying to improve her health and fitness. She also struggled with depression and anxiety, causing her to lose confidence quickly. 

For several years, Malihe had been fighting her struggles of being overweight. To combat it, she tried a number of different diets, fads, and popular exercise programs to lose weight quickly. 

Over time, nothing worked for her, leaving her feeling down and discouraged after several tries at trying to get her health and fitness at a better spot. 

She also struggled with depression and anxiety, taking medication to ease her symptoms and improve her mental well-being. 

She even tried Personal Training, but noticed that she was only getting heavier! 

That's when she needed someone else to help her make a drastic change, whether it was a form of motivation or guidance. 

Amir, a Personal Trainer at Steve Nash Lonsdale, was the perfect person for the job. 

"I was recommended to Amir from Steve Nash Lonsdale. I was so impressed with the clear goals he established for me, and the knowledgeable timetable and dietary regime he provided. I lost six pounds in the first week and a total of 99 pounds in six months!"

"I used to use medication for symptoms of anxiety, but since I became an active member, I have so much more confidence and self-esteem. I really don't need it anymore. I feel that there's really nothing now that I can't accomplish with energy and optimism!"

Congratulations, Malihe! She was our Success Stories 2020 winner! Want to see what her journey was all about and what she did to make a major change physically and mentally? WATCH THE VIDEO!

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