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Success Stories 2020 Finalist: Karen Wrafter

"I was always bigger than everyone else." 

When Karen Wrafter came to Steve Nash Richmond Sports Club, her fitness goal was to be more active in hopes of being less tired, fatigued, while losing a little weight. 

Her self-esteem was "terrible," and set the bar for herself really low. 

"I felt like an ogre. I was told it as genetics and that I just had a big frame, and I went along with this," Karen said. "I just wasn't mean to look like everyone else; they had some mystery gene I was missing." 

That's when she found Steve Nash Richmond Sports Club, reluctantly joining the fitness club after a Boxing Day sale. She nervously paid for an annual membership, motivating her to use it up and not waste it. 

She would come into the gym, do some cardio and some treadmill work a few times a week on her way home from work. With the treadmills facing the weightlifting and Personal Training area, she was impressed. She was inspired. 

"I watched one lady regularly knockout sets of pull-ups/chin-ups like they were nothing. I thought she was amazing," she said. 

One day, she overcame her fear of being judged and found the courage to use her free fitness assessment that came with her membership. At the time, the fitness manager, Sharaya, set her up with one of the Personal Trainers, Harry

She thought that the assessment would be filled with judgement, thinking that Harry would instantly see she wasn't meant to be at the gym. 

Instead, Harry made her feel comfortable. He asked about her goals, her previous exercise experience, previous injuries, and assessed her posture. When they went through her weight and body fat statistics on the InBody scale, she was embarrassed. 

However, Harry was nothing but supportive, finding positives in everything she saw was bad. 

She signed up for Personal Training with Harry from that point, changing her life for the better. 

Watch the video to be inspired by her fitness journey! 

Want an amazing change like Karen? Trust us when we say Personal Training is the way to go. We guarantee a drastic change mentally and physically.

We're here to help you go BEYOND YOUR LIMITS!

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