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Success Stories 2020 Finalist: Jin Zhang

"Due to being overweight, my body had grown a tumor on the back of my neck. As days went on, the tumor got bigger and bigger which caused constant headaches, affecting me so badly I couldn't even walk." 

Jin was a single mother that immigrated to Canada with big dreams of running her own restaurant, and providing for her children. Before she found Steve Nash Morgan Crossing, her physical health weighed her down from being the best mom, owner, and independent woman she wanted to be. 


Jin came to Vancouver in 2012 as a single, full-time mother to two children. Since day one, she never had time for herself to focus on her well-being, especially after the birth of her second child, and opening up her own restaurant. 

"I had to stay up late every night and that's when I started eating late night snacks," she said. "After three years of that, I finally realized I had gained weight all the way to 168 pounds.. before I was at 120 pounds." 

She used to look back at old footage when she hosted a television cooking show in China, bringing surprised to her daughters' faces.

"One day at home, when I was showing my daughters an old cooking show I hosted in China, my kids did not realize it was me," she said. "My daughters were shocked about how much weight I gained. They even said that the woman on the show is someone else, and that the woman is really pretty."

As days went on, she had accumulated a number of serious physical health problems that caused her to be hospitalized more than once. 

This wake up call made her realize she needed to make a change, especially for her kids.

The first time she showed up to Steve Nash Morgan Crossing, she was shocked at how many people actually loved working out and cared about their health. 

She met her Personal Trainer, Bruce, and told him everything about her past. She was embarrassed to tell him about her health issues, but Bruce was patient, supportive, and encouraging throughout the entire process. Bruce helped her get her confidence back, while being able to see her potential. 

"After the first 2 months of training, Bruce has helped me lose 20 pounds, and I no longer feel the pain I used to have. I also stopped going to RMT! I always feel energetic and I no longer feel tired at work. I have been consistently training with Bruce for four months now, and I have lost 30 pounds in fat. My friends and family who have not seen me for awhile was shocked how much I have changed. Even my co-workers who I work with everyday were shocked at how much fat I lost. Thanks to Bruce, I fell in love with working out again. If I miss a day at the gym, I feel like my day was not complete."

Watch Jin's video to see how she overcame serious physical struggles!

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