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Success Stories 2020 Finalist: Jason Reid

"I was never fit. I'd always describe myself as 'solid.' A stocky kid who never really lost his 'baby pudge.'"

Before Jason found his Personal Trainer, Rohit, at Steve Nash Downtown Sports Club, he was physically hindered by his "stockiness," stress, and back pain.

From the time Jason was five years old, he grew up playing sports from hockey, lacrosse, rugby, track and field, to things like hiking and dodgeball

While he played at a competitive level for such a long time, he was never at a competitive level with his fitness. 

"As one of the slowest players on my hockey and lacrosse teams, eventually I wasn't able to keep up with the cardio, and ultimately made the decision to become a goaltender so I could keep playing." 

In grade 11, Jason signed up for weightlifting classes, getting into the best shape of his life weighing in at 182 pounds, with some solid cardio. However, he was still "solid" and "stocky." 

"I had resigned to the fact that this was just my 'body type' and continued to work on my cardio," he said. 

By the time Jason had graduated from his four-year program at BCIT, the constant stress of school and the extra weight he was carrying left him with severe back pain. Not to mention a new job coming in with a 45-minute commute from Port Moody to Vancouver via scooter. 

He reached a point where he would feel intense pain 10 minutes into his scooter ride. 

This was the point he needed to change some of the priorities in his life, so he started to focus on his well-being. 

This is when he first turned to Steve Nash Downtown Sports Club to help build his strength and reduce his back pain. 

Determined to get his life back, Jason purchased 24 Personal Training sessions with Personal Trainer, Rohit. 

"By the end of April, I achieved my 30-pound weight loss goal, weighing in at 192 pounds and 25% body fat. I was so excited that I made it to this point, back to the progress I let off at in 2017. Reading the metrics on the scale, it became clear that there was still plenty more to achieve. In 4 months I reduced my body fat by 12% and lost 30 pounds. It made me think: What if I lost 50lbs? What would my body fat percentage be then?"

"Over the next 5 months, Rohit began changing our sessions from strictly push/pull exercises to routines that focused on dedicated muscle groups. Later, we changed it up to power lifting: bench press, overhead press, deadlifts, and squats. I was surpassing my personal records again and again. Lately, Rohit has been training me in Olympic lifting, focusing on “clean and jerks” and “snatch lifts.” At first, I was hesitant to think I would ever be able to be capable of completing these lifts. But through Rohit’s meticulous instruction and training, I learned to use proper technique and continued to develop my skills and abilities. Throughout my entire time training with Rohit, I have never sustained an injury due to our workouts, and I thank him for it immensely."

"By the end of my tenth month of training with Rohit, I reached the 50-pound loss mark, officially weighing in at 172 pounds and 20% body fat. I now weigh 10 pounds less than I did at my peak level of fitness in high school, but my body has never been this toned or this strong. Steve Nash has helped me achieve goals I could not believe were possible."

Watch his inspiring video to see what his fitness journey was all about! 

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