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Spoil Your Fit Mom with These 5 Gifts This Mothers Day

Does your mom spend her free time at the gym, zenning out in a yoga class or running marathons? We've got the gifts to spoil her this Mother's Day–or really any day... because you know she deserves it!However she loves to get fit, these Mother's Day gifts will be sure to show her how much you care... and a little quality one-on-one time wouldn't hurt either!

Here are 5 gifts that your fit mom is sure to love this Mothers Day: 


Spoil Your Fit Mom with These 5 Gifts This Mothers Day

1. Hyperice

Whether she loves to lift, or crush 5Ks on a daily basis, having a foam roller is great investment. But why not take it one step further with the Hyperice Vyper?

Two times more effective than regular foam rolling, it increases range of motion, flexibility, circulation and reduces muscle soreness. Even if mom doesn't hit the gym on the regular, the Hyperice can help with the effects of a sedentary lifestyle–basically it's your own deep tissue massage! 

Spoil Your Fit Mom with These 5 Gifts This Mothers Day - Personal Training Sessions

2. Personal Training Sessions

Mom does a lot of planning already–from family dinners, to extracurricular activities. Let someone else plan her workout!

Whether she's a gym newbie or has fitness goals she's ready to crush, personal training sessions can help her to increase her physical fitness without injury. Has she always thought about lifting weights, but was scared of injury? Maybe she's a runner who's recovering from knee issues. 

Make it even better and schedule a training session for the two of you! 

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3. Meal box subscription

If your mom is one busy lady who struggles to find time to make healthy meals at home, or maybe just doesn't like to cook, a meal delivery service or food box subscription can make the best gift. 

Spoil Your Fit Mom with These 5 Gifts This Mothers Day - Freshii Meal Box

Doesn't have time to cook? Try one of these meal delivery service options from: 

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Love to cook, but want less prep time? Check out a food delivery service like: 

Spoil Your Fit Mom with These 5 Gifts This Mothers Day4. Cushioned Yoga Mat

As we age, our joints and bodies become more delicate, even if we don't believe it. Having a little extra support while mom is in downward dog can ease the pressure on her knees and elbows. 

Some of our favourites are:

Spoil Your Fit Mom with These 5 Gifts This Mothers Day5. Fitness Tracker

It may not be a gold bracelet, but it's definitely as valuable. For the mom that likes to know her steps each day, keep track of the calories she's burned, or needs a little reminder to go walk around, the Fitness Tracker will be the way to go! 

There are a variety–from watch to phone app–that will give you exactly what you need! 

Here are our picks: 

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