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Spin + Le Barre = A Match Made in Heaven

Say what?

Yep. Bike to Le Barre is the newest signature SNFC hybrid class combining the best of two fabulous worlds: indoor cycling and barre fitness!


First you hop on a bike to get 20-30 minutes of sweat-inducing, low-impact cardio. Shed the calories and the stress away while spinning to awesome tunes. Just as the endorphins kick in, you’re ready to dismount and start focusing on barre techniques to target postural muscles, core, glutes, and typical “trouble spots” of inner thigh and upper arms. Le Barre can of course be a full class on its own, but this hybrid provides the time crunched satisfaction of accomplishing an all-in-one, ultra-impactful workout. 

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Le Barre gives you a ballet workout without needing years of ballet training and technique to actually accomplish your muscle toning goals. Similar to spinning, it is an effective and challenging class designed for all levels of fitness. But unlike spinning where you are in a relatively restricted range of motion, Le Barre is a lovely post-spin solution providing a stretching and strengthening component that allows the body to extend through different ranges of motion.

You can get the long, lean musculature of a dancer’s body through combining the key elements of basic ballet barre exercise sequences that condition and lengthen the posterior chain (hamstrings and glutes), inner thighs, calves, and entire core. The upper body gets trained through various “port de bras” exercise (arm positioning) improving posture and spinal alignment.


After the spinning portion of class, the bike handles can serve as a barre and are used as a prop to help with balance while doing various isometric strength training exercises that isolate different muscle groups. Performing high repetitions and pulsing tempos create the fatigue that results in tightening and toning those hard to reach muscles.

Bike to Le Barre is ideal for a short but intense cardio bout, followed by a condensed version of Le Barre sequences. Participants learn about basic foot and arm positioning rooted in classical ballet, without getting overly complex. Le Barre progresses to combine the static positions into challenging sequences resulting in flowing, smooth and seamless transitions. The last portion of class is floor-barre: unique floor-based exercises that continue to condition hard-to-target muscles using different forces of gravity. Finish off the workout with the Bender Ball for incredible core work that will leave you breathless, yet oh so confident, that you are indeed gaining graceful and powerful strength from the inside out.


Start your new year with a new, exciting and time efficient hybrid class, Bike to Le Barre! Find a class near you.