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SNFC Dads: How Emre, VP of Franchise Operations, Makes Fitness a Part of Every Day

As we near Father's Day, we'd like to shine a little spotlight on some of our Dads here at Steve Nash Fitness World & Sports Club.

Emre is our VP of Franchise Operations for UFC GYM BC that operates under the Steve Nash Fitness Clubs brand. He handles our three UFC GYM locations in Richmond, Coquitlam, and Kelowna, BC. He will also be leading the franchise operations of another gym brand in the very near future (details to be announced soon-ish!).

Here's what a typical day looks like for Emre. He usually gets up by 5:15am so he can workout, and then make it back home to see his kids before they go off to school. Then he's off to the clubs! He supports his managers on an on-going basis in running our UFC clubs.

SNFC Dads: How Emre, VP of Franchise Operations, Makes Fitness a Part of Every Day


"We work hard to provide an excellent experience and service to our members in order to provide them fitness solutions. A little over two years ago, I launched our first UFC GYM in BC. Now we are getting ready to open our 4th! I am also getting ready to launch [a new franchise to] BC. Very excited about that. I also travel a lot, so when I’m home, I try to spend good quality time with the family."
- Emre Ozgur, VP Franchise Operations, UFC GYM

We asked Emre: 

What do you love about fitness?

I love that it is so personal. It is up to you to get in there and push your body to its limits. It is your choice in how hard you push. And when you do, everything in life gets better. The more fit you are... the better you sleep, the better you work, the better your personal life, the better your health, the better you feel, more confident you are. You become the best version of yourself. There is nothing else that gives you those benefits.

SNFC Dads: How Emre, VP of Franchise Operations, Makes Fitness a Part of Every Day

How do you incorporate fitness into your personal life?

My wife and I push each other everyday. We make sure we always get our workouts in. If I don’t feel like it, she pushes me... and vice-versa. This also helps us make better eating choices. Most importantly, our 7-year-old twins understand daily exercise is a must. They know it’s a part of life because that’s all they’ve known since birth. They even have their own daily exercise routines.

SNFC Dads: How Emre, VP of Franchise Operations, Makes Fitness a Part of Every Day

How has fitness influenced the way you parent?

The only way I can be the best father to my children is to be the best version of myself. I can’t make them happy unless I’m happy first. They understand, at a young age, that exercise and healthy eating is a necessary part of life. They understand that everyday begins with exercise. Last April I turned 40. I had a personal workout challenge on some core lifts. I’m happy to say “I still got it!” 😉💪🏽

What are your favourite activities to do with your family to stay healthy?

We are usually outdoors on the weekends. We like to hike, play tag, swim, ride bikes, jump on the trampoline, and wrestle–which usually turns into tickle fights. We also do some MMA training. They love UFC GYM when I get them there, otherwise I teach them at home. I also have a yearly birthday push-up challenge. Every year I have to do my age in push-ups with the twins sitting on my back. Last April I did 40 push-ups with their combined weight of 100lbs on the dot!

Looking to get your Dad-bod back into shape, or get your family more involved in fitness? Remember, we offer family packages!

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