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NEW CLASS: Work Your Entire Body with The AXLE

Have you heard about the newest fitness craze? 

Get acquainted with SNFC's newest class, available at select clubs, that is sure to make you sweat, and have loads of fun. 

What is AXLE?

Work Your Entire Body with The AXLE

The Axle itself is deceptively simple–machined from premium materials such as high strength aluminum and magnesium, with lightweight wheels all designed to easily disassemble for convenient storage.

The length of the bar, the size of the wheels, the rolling resistance and the weight of the Axle itself were all carefully calibrated with over 500 hours of testing to ensure a premium experience for users of all athletic abilities.

Lift, Burn, and Move with AXLE

Co-founders, Andrew Page and Anuj Patel, not only created this new piece of equipment, but also developed a unique and athletically focused workout that helps to lengthen and tone specific muscle groups. 

These classes usually last about 50 minutes, but can burn up to 750 calories! 

Where can you find an AXLE class?

This is available exclusively at our Downtown, Brentwood, and Morgan Crossing Sports Clubs starting July 3... oh and did we mention it will be the first time AXLE is available in Canada?!

Find AXLE on our Group Fitness schedule at select locations!

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