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Setting Up For Success at the BMO Vancouver Marathon

British Columbia’s natural landscape provides the perfect environment for runners of all levels to compete in a range of running events. For many of us, running a marathon is a lifetime goal. What better event to execute this goal than at the BMO Vancouver Marathon?

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In preparation, many of us have followed a training plan. Each week is meticulously outlined with your distance, effort and time.

Outside of your training plan, there are plenty of ways to prepare for race day and ensure your win!

Setting Up For Success At The BMO Vancouver Marathon


Plan for all weather conditions. You may have prepared for cool/moderate conditions, but woke up to clear skies and high heat. Take each wardrobe option for a test run before race day. Is it comfortable for the duration of your run? Wear an extra layer to stay warm–there are clothing donation bins within the first 1 KM of the race.

Food & Drink

Never try anything new on race day! If you drink coffee every morning, don’t skip this the morning of the race. The same applies to your breakfast and nutrition on your run. Experimenting with food on a race can lead to unforeseen stops. Prep all of your food and drink the night before and have it ready to go for the morning of the race!

Setting Up For Success At The BMO Vancouver Marathon


Races start first thing in the morning, so it’s important that you know where you’re going, how you’re going to get there, road closures and parking/transit ahead of time.

In the days leading up to the race, drive or take transit to the starting line so you know where to go and how long it will take to get there. Be sure to factor in how early you want to arrive, as well as a grace period for unforeseen circumstances.

Mental Preparation

Athletes of all levels prepare mentally before they race.

You may be anxious or nervous in the days leading up to the race (and especially the morning of the race). This is completely normal for both first-timers and seasoned runners.

When the race starts it’s easy to get caught up in the excitement and start out too hard, too quickly. The best thing you can do is hold back and stay within your desired overall pace. A lot will happen on a 42.2 km course. If you stay steady you will achieve your goal!

Setting Up For Success At The BMO Vancouver Marathon 

Completing a marathon, half-marathon, or 10 K race is something to be celebrated, regardless of how of your time or how you rank amongst your peers. Enjoy the experience of running and strive for progress, not perfection. See you at the start line!

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