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Reset Your Digestion to Crush Goals and Feel Great!

A car can look good on the outside, but if its parts don’t properly, it will impact how far it can go, and if it breaks along the way.

This is similar to our bodies. To be a well-oiled machine and keep running, your inside parts all need to be running smoothly (yes, that is also a pun for your digestion).

Did you know that your gut actually impacts a lot of other areas of your body – energy levels, mental health, susceptibility to illnesses, bloating, etc. Getting your digestive system working properly can set the rest of your body up for success to crush goals and create new milestones!

Here are 6 tips to reset your digestion and get your goals back on track!

1. Start your day with lemon or ACV and warm water.

Kickstart your digestion by drinking a glass of warm water mixed with ½ of a lemon, or a tablespoon of Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV). This helps to increase the amount of hydrochloric acid (HCl) in your stomach – the thing responsible for breaking down the food in your stomach. 

To increase your rate of digestion, you can drink ACV or lemon mixed with warm water 15 minutes before each meal. Similar to above, when you drink this mix prior to your meals, it can help you break down what you just ate, easier.

Fun fact: while you may think that taking ACV may increase rates of heartburn, it can actually help to alleviate it as heartburn is usually caused by too little stomach acid. 

resetting your digestion


2. Increase fermented foods.

Fermented foods increase good bacteria in your digestive system thanks to our friends – probiotics.

Fermented foods include:

  • Kefir - some people that are lactose intolerant find they can eat Kefir with no stomach upset
  • Yogurt – again, those with lactose intolerance can sometimes digest these
  • Kimchi - if you like a little spice, you can get it hot! 
  • Sauerkraut – especially homemade or those found in the refrigerator section

resetting your digestion

3. Cut the sugars, including white breads, dairy, and alcohol.

Sugar is one of the biggest culprits of inflammation and irritation in the digestive system and can spread throughout the rest of your body.

If you feel like you need a REALLY big cleanse, try cutting most fruit (even just for a week). Berries, lemons and limes are still good go-to’s to add for flavour. If that's too much, just focus on cutting refined carbohydrates like breads, pasta and alcohol, and foods with added sugar like flavoured yogurts. Opt for natural sugar alternatives like fruits and honey. 

resetting digestion

4. Increase vegetable portions (especially leafy greens).

I know you’ve heard of FIBRE. It’s a key component of good digestion and helps everything move through your system in a timely and comfortable manner.

Did you know that most of our population is low in fibre consumption? That might explain why bloating and gas seems to be such a common complaint! If you don’t have the right stuff to bulk up your… y’know, excretions… it can sit idly releasing the toxins it's taken in. Luckily, veggies and fruits are high in the fibre you need (insoluble fibre) to keep everything moving. 

resetting your digestion

5. Reduce intake of red meat. 

Try to stick to lean meat and fish when resetting your gut as red meats like steak can be harder for you to break down.

If you are cooking red meats like a roast beef, try seasoning with rosemary or topping it off with lemon afterward. This helps break down the enzymes that you have trouble passing through your system!

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