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How You Can Regulate Your Blood Sugar Level with eGym at Morgan Crossing

First of all, have you heard of eGym strength training machines? They are currently available at our Morgan Crossing Sports Club location, and any existing member, or anyone looking for a Free Goal Assessment can try them. 

Now.... you probably want to know how you can lower your blood sugar level with eGym, right? Here is some background.

How You Can Regulate Your Blood Sugar Level with eGym at Morgan Crossing

Metabolic Fit Training Program 

eGym, and the University of Leipzig in Germany, ran a study for six months to explore the effectiveness of a digitally-based strength training program on diabetes type 2 patients who were training in a regular gym. The outcome of this study was the development of the Metabolic Fit Training Program from eGym for blood sugar level regulation.

Some (U.S.) stats on diabetes:

  • 30 million people, or 9.4% of the population in the U.S. suffer from diabetes.
  • 96% of the diabetes patients in the U.S. have diabetes type 2, which is caused by physical inactivity and obesity.

How You Can Regulate Your Blood Sugar Level with eGym at Morgan Crossing

More info on the Study

23 Diabetic Patients

  • Average health parameters: Body weight 209 lb., waist size 48 in, hip size 48 in, systolic blood pressure 148 mm Hg, diastolic 87 mm Hg.
  • No medication, no control of nutrition, no control group.

Main objective of the study: lowering the HbA1c value
The HbA1c value reflects the long-term blood sugar value and corresponds to the severity of the disease. The value was measured by a medical institute. All subjects had a score equal to or greater than 6.9 (Avg. 7.6), and are thus classified as diabetics. Depending on each individual‘s disease severity, an 8-15% reduction in the HbA1c value would be required to resolve the diabetes and move the patient into the pre-diabetes blood sugar range.

Special eGym circuit training program for the study
6-month full-body strength workout twice a week with increasing intensity on the eGym circuit, training methods: Regular and Negative.

The Study's Results?

  • 40% cure rate of diabetes type 2 patients in the study
  • 10% reduction of long-term blood sugar level

Based on the results of the eGym diabetes study, the Metabolic Fit Training Program was developed, which is a workout with 18 gently increasing strength and endurance training sessions and 6 muscle-building sessions.

Ask our Personal Training team at Morgan Crossing Sports Club about it, and try it out for yourself!

Currently, the eGym equipment is exclusively available at Steve Nash Morgan Crossing Sports Club.

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