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Recover Like a Pro After Your First Marathon

Are you ready for your first marathon? Have you tried training for different terrain, like hills? Do you have your nutrition plan set up? What about your recovery after the race? 

In the excitement to actually get to race day, it's easy to forget all about what you'll do after the race, besides lie on the couch and watch your favourite Netflix movie–especially if this is your first marathon. 
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Without proper post-race recovery, you risk being in some unnecessary pain the next day–or even week. 

Here are 5 ways to recover like a pro after running a marathon: 

Recover Like a Pro After Your First Marathon
1. Hydrate

One of the most important things you can do to speed-up recovery from the moment of performance is to rehydrate. During activity we are often good at fuelling ourselves to get to the Finish Line. In our fatigue, we forget to keep fuelling to recover faster.

A basic rule of thumb is 300 – 500ml of an electrolyte drink immediately after a race, training session or other activity until you are rehydrated.

Recover Like a Pro After Your First Marathon

2. Eat

Specifically, you want carbs AND protein. 

Right after activity, you may not want to eat something solid, so a recovery drink with a ratio of 4:1 carbohydrates-to-protein is recommended within two hours of finishing. This will help repair and rebuild your muscles.

Recover Like a Pro After Your First Marathon

3. Take a bath

If you’re not ready to experience an ice bath, add Epsom salts to the water instead. You’ll want to make sure the Epsom salts contain magnesium as it is extremely beneficial in repairing and rebuilding muscles. You can also purchase pure magnesium flakes. 

Recover Like a Pro After Your First Marathon

4. Stretch and elevate 

Be gentle. Take it easy. Focus on more restorative stretching techniques. Here's an easy way to start: sit or lie with your legs up a wall to gently stretch your hamstrings and assist in retaining proper blood flow back from your legs.

Recover Like a Pro After Your First Marathon

5. Walk it off 

We know, you’re tired and sore. The idea of doing anything might seem impossible. Go for a light (aka slow) 20-minute walk to shake out your legs, keep the blood flowing and your muscles focused on recovery. Yes, walking to and from brunch counts!

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