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5 BC Patios To Hit Up For Healthy Grub (and a Great View!)

Summer is just around the corner, and patio season is calling our name! But burgers, fries, and calorie-laden salads aren't our jam. 

To make sure you stick with your healthy eating plan, we've got a few patios that pair perfectly with those after-work hangouts, and even weekend brunch plans! 

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Here are a few tips to eat healthy on any patio: 

  • If you're getting a sandwich, ask for it open-faced!
  • Getting a burger? Go with a lettuce bun–but remember to ask for a fork and knife!
  • Pick the side salad over the fries, especially if you're getting a full burger or sandwich.
  • Try to find a meal that's veggie-heavy.
  • Don't go in hungry! The easiest way to choose an unhealthy meal is when you're ravenous.

Check out these 5 BC patios to hit up for Healthy Grub: 

5 BC Patios To Hit Up For Healthy Grub (and a Great View!)Photo courtesy of LOCAL Public Eatery

LOCAL Public Eatery (Kitsilano and Gastown

LOCAL has become a favourite for many during the summer, with wait-times hitting close to an hour on the really sunny days... and there's a reason for that! 

With a menu that hits the sweet spot for nearly anyone in your party, it's easy to find something that will curb your pub-grub cravings. 

Our picks?

  • Hippie Toastadd a poached egg for protein!
  • The Super Freekah Saladwith grains, chickpeas and chicken, you've got protein and fibre wrapped up in a delicious salad!
  • House-Made Veggie Burgerpacked with brown rice and nuts, this is high fibre and good fats wrapped in a bun (but be sure to ask for it with a lettuce bun).

5 BC Patios To Hit Up For Healthy Grub (and a Great View!)
Photo courtesy of Cactus Club Cafe

Cactus Club

Found across the province (and even across the country), Cactus Club is the go-to for many after-work (or even during work... we won't tell!) eats. Luckily, their menu is full of healthy options.  

Our favourite patios are the Cactus Clubs in: 

  • Coal Harbour
  • English Bay 
  • Kelowna 

Here are a few healthy options from their menu: 

  • Quinoa Saladfull of fibre, arugula and fresh veggies, it's a great patio dinner. Tip: add chicken or grilled salmon for some added protein!
  • Chicken Tacosno breading, avocado, and veggies! Just be sure to swap out the sour cream and french fries. 
  • Port Wine Salmonlentils, salmon, and a side salad! We suggest skipping out on the bacon to really hit your nutritional quota.

5 BC Patios To Hit Up For Healthy Grub (and a Great View!)Photo courtesy of TurF


If you're looking for a cool environment, some people watching, and the perfect smoothie, look no further! Oh, you can also do a little shopping while you're at it. 

Some of our favourites from the menu: 

  • The Burgera black bean patty with seeds and eggplant, topped with carrot bacon, cashew "cheese," and the regular toppings–all house-made. 
  • Kimchi Ricean asian flare with kimchi, wild rice, mushrooms, sautéed greens and tahini miso. This packs a probiotic punch with an extra hit of fibre (hello happy digestion).
  • Tarps Offplant-based protein, carbs, and a whole lot of deliciousness. Grab a smoothie after your gym session at Steve Nash Kitsilano Fitness World with your workout buddy

5 BC Patios To Hit Up For Healthy Grub (and a Great View!)Photo courtesy of Ferris' Grill

Ferris' Grill in Victoria 

Can you go wrong with seafood? We think not! Ferris' has a long list of oysters–shooters, smoked, breaded, pan-fried–classic soups, and salads that can fit into your healthy diet. 

Check out some of our top picks: 

  • Fresh shucked on the halfshelloysters have a great nutritional profile. High in protein, calcium, magnesium, zinc and B-12... they're basically a multi-vitamin!
  • The Gina Lola Sandwich–loads of veggies on sourdough bread! Make it an open-faced sandwich to cut the calories. 
  • Wild Salmon Burgerwild sockeye salmon is a great source of healthy fats! Again, ask for half bun, half lettuce to cut the calories and carbs. 

5 BC Patios To Hit Up For Healthy Grub (and a Great View!)Photo courtesy of Bohemian Cafe & Catering Co.

Bohemian Cafe & Catering Co. in Kelowna 

Bohemian Cafe is a great option for those weekend brunch plans when the weather is too nice to head inside. And with a loaded brunch menu, it can be hard to steer clear of the waffles and pancakes!

We suggest skipping the hash browns. Ask for a side salad, especially if you're already getting a side of toast. And go light on the condiments!

What's making our mouths water: 

  • Florentine BenedictLike we said, skip out on the hashbrown, or ask for no english muffin. 
  • Make your own breakfast! Two free-run eggs, ABOHcado (have an avocado stuffed with salsa), with homemade bread or organic yogurt with strawberry jam. 

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