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What's New?! May 2019

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5 Unstoppable Female Athletes That Will Inspire You To Never Give Up

By Bianca Gurgel February 28, 2019
Did you know that March is International Women's Month? This month we want to highlight the female power and role in the fitness and sports' industry. So, why not to start with a list of inspiring...

GT12: The Small Group Training Program You Didn't Know You Needed

By Janis Blondé February 28, 2019
GT12, a unique, curated fitness program for our members, unlike any other HIIT program out there. What is GT12? GT12 is a curated fitness program available exclusively at Steve Nash Fitness World &...

What is Small Group Training and Why Should You Try It?

By Hailee Down February 28, 2019
Small group training is a fun and affordable way to help you reach your fitness goals.  When working in a small group of people, you will all work towards a common fitness goal. This allows you to...

Keeping It Healthy With Comfort Foods!

By Blended For You February 27, 2019
Article contributed by: Blended For You www.blendedforyou.com It’s cold outside and comfort foods are what we’re feeling. Here are some of our fave, easy recipes that keep us warm, satisfied, and...

Axle Evolution: Come Get Loaded

By Logan Dube February 27, 2019
Back in July 2018, we launched Axle Full Body classes across several Steve Nash locations.

Success Story: How Colleen Adapted to Sudden Changes in Her Life

Life happens fast and can suddenly change, leaving you to pick up the pieces. Colleen's world was turned upside down in August of 2016. Her marriage of 15 years was suddenly over. At the same time,...

6 Stretches & Exercises to Stop Upper Body Pain

By David Rojo February 21, 2019
Are you experiencing neck and or shoulder pain? Are you working at a desk all day long? Wondering what kind of exercises you should be doing?

Tips On Building The Ultimate Chest

By Shannon O'Gorman February 21, 2019
Have you ever looked in the mirror at your body and been frustrated that certain muscles just aren't responding and developing as quickly as you would like? Have you spent hours or even years in the...

Top 10 Best Resistance Bands Workouts to Get You Fit!

By Philip Martyniak February 21, 2019
Resistance bands can provide an amazing workout and yet they are often overlooked in comparison to other forms of training! However, today I will be showing you various resistance band exercises that...