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Post-Workout Nutrition: Part 1 - The Science

By Robbie Hannon November 29, 2017
The health and fitness world can be a confusing place. Most of us just want to get in shape, feel good, and look amazing. But did you know that what you eat after a workout is a big player in...

Success Story: Natalia S. Shows Why Exercise is Necessary when Aging

By Rhiannon Lytle November 28, 2017
Age shouldn't stop you from achieving your fitness goals. In fact, as you age, it's more important to engage in physical activity to remain active and healthy. That's why Natalia N. started working...

The 4 Finalists from our 2018 Success Stories Contest

It's the moment you've all been waiting for... the announcement of the Four Finalists from our 2018 Success Stories Contest!  We are overwhelmed with the response from this year's Success...

Group Fitness Instructor of the Month: Ciara O'Connor

We're a little behind in congratulating our Group Fitness Instuctor of the Month! Last month, the honour went to Ciara O'Connor.  Ciara has been a Group Fitness Instructor at Steve Nash Fitness World...

Healthy-ish for the Holidays: The Perfect Pumpkin Parfait

By Rhiannon Lytle November 22, 2017
History lesson: Did you know that parfaits were traditionally frozen and made with custards, ice cream, or whipped cream? Today, the term "parfait" really encompasses any layered dessert. 

Snack Attack: Easy + Low-Sugar Granola

By Rhiannon Lytle November 22, 2017
You likely know that the store-bought granola you just topped your smoothie bowl off with is loaded with added sugars. What if you can make your own at home in less time than it takes to run to the...

Is the Ketogenic Diet Right For You?

By Rhiannon Lytle November 17, 2017
In a time where the "right diet" seems to change everyday, it's important to figure out what works for YOU. To get you started, we'll be exploring different diets in the coming weeks to help you find...

9 Types of Yoga to De-stress this Holiday Season

By Rhiannon Lytle November 17, 2017
The holiday season is an exciting time! From work parties, to family gatherings, and dinner with friends. All that excitement can also lead to a lot of stress. 

Meet Rita, Payroll Manager at SNFC’s Corporate Office

By Carlyn Rumohr November 16, 2017
Rita first joined SNFC in 2012 as a contractor on the Finance & Accounting team. Before her contract expired she was asked to become a permanent member of #TeamSNFC. From contractor to Accountant and...