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Try these dynamic chair stretches at home!

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5 important things you didn't know about choosing the right supplement for you!

By Rhiannon Lytle February 12, 2020
Current situation: 3 supplements sitting in your cupboard that a friend told you to purchase, but you’ve barely touched them. Now, you wonder what they were for to start with. 

How can HIIT be more effective for some fitness goals vs. regular weightlifting?

By Kalena Morton February 10, 2020
There are currently so many different training methods out there, that It can be overwhelming when deciding which method is best for you based off of your personal fitness goals.

Fitness programming: what is it and how to make a program for yourself?

By Kalena Morton February 7, 2020
It’s a new year, and unfortunately, February is where we tend to lose focus on the resolutions we made for ourselves.

Join our free Cardio Clinics during Heart Health Month!

Heart Month is a time to bring attention to the importance of cardiovascular health, and what we can do to reduce our risk of cardiovascular disease.

Try this Healthy Three-Course Meal for a Valentine's Day Date Night!

By Reuben Dongalen Jr. February 6, 2020
Okay, so, you and your partner wanna avoid that big bill, eat healthily, and stay in? Don't worry, I've got something just for you.  And yes, I'm writing a three-course meal that I'd cook for me and...

Success Stories 2020 Winner: Malihe Ghamarsourat

"I tried to lose weight for three years. I tried shakes, diets and exercise programs, but always ended up feeling discouraged and defeated."

GT12 Movement Feature: Introducing Loaded Carries!

By Logan Dube February 4, 2020
There are 4 main fitness goals: weight loss, muscle gain, athletic performance and general wellness.

The Ultimate Total-Body Kettlebell Workout

By Reilly Sheepwash January 31, 2020
There’s no one type of work-out that’s better than all the others, but it is fair to say that the kettlebell is the most under-appreciated member of the free-weight family.

Success Stories 2020 Finalist: Karen Wrafter

"I was always bigger than everyone else."  When Karen Wrafter came to Steve Nash Richmond Sports Club, her fitness goal was to be more active in hopes of being less tired, fatigued, while losing a...