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Group Fitness Instructor of the Month: Angela

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Success Story: How SNFC Breathed New Life into Gregg

By Janis Behan June 15, 2017
Gregg purchased a Lifetime Membership with Fitness World in 1987 and always renewed his membership annually, even though he did not always use it. During his 20's and 30's, he took pride in his...

Opening July 2017: Steve Nash Sports Club Park Royal

By Janis Behan June 14, 2017
The countdown is on! In a mere few weeks, Steve Nash Fitness World and Sports Clubs will be open in West Vancouver at Park Royal.

Group Fitness Instructor of the Month: Diane Batryn

By Janis Behan June 13, 2017
The SNFC Group Fitness Team is excited to feature this month's Group Fitness Instructor of the Month, Diane Batryn, from Morgan Crossing!  Diane was a licensed architect living in Manila,...

Eat Healthy This Summer with the Bamboo Bowl

By Freshii June 12, 2017
In the blink of an eye, it feels like summer is officially here! At the end of a long work week, there’s no excuse to stay at home. It's time to get active–either in the gym or out in the sunshine....

Success Story: Frank Turned His Life Around in 6 Months with SNFC

By Janis Behan June 9, 2017
Frank struggled with his weight his entire life. He ate well as a child, but only developed weight issues in his late teens when his eating outpaced his physical activity. From that age, he slowly...

2 Workouts That Will Help You Train for Tough Mudder Obstacles

By Logan Dube June 8, 2017
Having a goal is a great way to ensure you’ll be motivated to work out! Every year we always get requests from clients to train for a race or an event… like Tough Mudder!

Meet Andrea, Fitness Manager & SNFC Team Inspiration

By Carlyn Rumohr June 8, 2017
Andrea first started at Steve Nash Fitness World & Sports Club (SNFC) in 2015 as a Personal Trainer. She was quickly promoted to Assistant Fitness Manager as a result of her dedication and passion...

6 Ways to Increase Your LinkedIn Presence as a Personal Trainer

By Carlyn Rumohr June 1, 2017
LinkedIn isn’t just reserved for job seekers. When you’re not actively searching for jobs, LinkedIn can serve as a powerful tool for networking and connecting with other industry professionals. This...

Success Story: Tami's Lifestyle Changes Turned Her Towards a Career in Fitness

By Janis Behan June 1, 2017
At the end of October 2014, Tami walked into Steve Nash Fitness World Delta on her 40th birthday ready to regain her health and lose weight. Little did she know what that great journey would be like,...

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