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Behind GT12: Everything You Need to Know About The Rowing Machine Station!

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Success Story: How Sara Overcame Stress-Eating and Rediscovered Her Body Through Fitness!

I always felt like a 'fat' girl, and my body was my biggest insecurity since I was young. I worked out all the time for hours on end, and at times my numbers on the scale would go down but my...

Bucket List of things to do on Canada Day 2019!

By Reuben Dongalen Jr. June 25, 2019
On July 1st, we celebrate Canada's 152nd birthday! 

Top Chest Workouts For Noticeable Muscle Definition!

By David Wong June 19, 2019
When it comes to chest training, it is arguably a vast majority of people's favourite workout to do! The key to having a fully developed chest is to hit all parts of the chest with varied exercises...

8 Summer Produce Staples To Add To Your Shopping List

By Rhiannon Lytle June 19, 2019
It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Summer is the best time of year to purchase local produce. Fresh fruits and vegetables are easy to find, and so are local farmers markets! Historically,...

The Best Summer Workout Gear to Beat the Heat!

By Reuben Dongalen Jr. June 19, 2019
It. Is. Hot.  But, the summer heat shouldn't stop you from working out and getting fit! 

Success Story: Find Out How Molly Got Back on Track After Her Pregnancy

After her first pregnancy, Molly realized how hard it was to lose the baby weight. She ate whatever she craved during her first pregnancy, indulging in fast food and ice cream, to the point where one...

Best Places To Hang Out Before & After a GT12 Session at Kitsilano!

By Bianca Gurgel June 19, 2019
We've talked several times in our blog about the many benefits of working out with a friend. Having a gym buddy to share your fitness goals with will help to keep you accountable and make the whole...

Why Steve Nash Gives You More Than a Job!

What is better than doing what you love? Doing what you love and getting tons of perks with it! At Steve Nash, we are proud to offer our team members more than a job! We are committed to empowering...

What Is The Best Training Program For Weight Loss?

By Lee Henderson June 14, 2019
I should preface this blog first by saying, nutrition is the number one factor you can always control around your weight loss journey. In case it isn’t obvious, just remember, you can NEVER out train...