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Healthy-ish for the Holidays: The Perfect Pumpkin Parfait

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No Pain, All Gain–with These 6 Shoulder Exercises

By Logan Dube October 30, 2017
So we started from the bottom (our feet), now we’re here. (Sorry, I’m having fun with these cheesy openers.) But in all reality, I get more members and clients talking about and dealing with shoulder...

Is a Vegan Diet Right For Me?

By Rhiannon Lytle October 30, 2017
In a time where the "right diet" seems to change everyday, it's important to figure out what works for YOU. To get you started, we'll be exploring different diets in the coming weeks to help you find...

Success Story: Why Michael D. Worked With a Personal Trainer to Balance his Physical Disability

Michael D. wasn't held back by the fact that he was "physically disabled". Missing half of his left arm and incurring additional injuries while training, Michael was able to find balance and strength...

The Ultimate Healthy Pumpkin Spice Protein Shake

By Kalena Morton October 23, 2017
This pumpkin spice protein shake is the perfect healthy alternative for those high calorie lattes that everyone loves! Not only is this shake super tasty, it's a great pre-workout energizer! It's low...

Missed Our Latest Job Fair? Here are 4 Ways to Stay Connected with SNFC

By Carlyn Rumohr October 23, 2017
Last week’s Job Fair was a huge success thanks to the talented individuals who braved the rain to meet with our Senior Leadership Team and share an interest with #TeamSNFC.

Clean Twix Bars

It can be difficult to curb a sweet tooth, especially with grocery store shelves lined with chocolate and candy at this time of year. To satisfy those childhood candy cravings, try this healthy...

A Personal Trainer's Journey to Competitive Female Body Building

By Tanya Kuehn October 20, 2017
When I tell people I am a competitive body builder, I am often disappointed in the response I get from them. More often than not, the athlete status I am so proud of is met with worry for my...

Success Story: How David D. Started Conquering Life (and the Grouse Grind)

David came to visit Vancouver to run a half marathon. Even then, he felt out-of-shape and knew he needed a drastic lifestyle change. 

Success Story: How Tina W. Changed her Physical and Mental Health

For Tina, success was about more than just physical change. Over the last six years, the club became her outlet to overcome emotional barriers and drive her to make everyday change.  Tina was one of...