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Behind GT12: Everything You Need to Know About The Rowing Machine Station!

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The Science Behind GT12: Why Is It The Most Efficient Way To Work Out?

By Bryan Anthony July 5, 2019
Do you find that there’s never enough time to get everything done in your day? Lack of time should never be the reason why you choose to reduce or eliminate fitness from your life. If you’re finding...

How Much Cardio Should You Be Doing?

By Mike Tran July 5, 2019
Firstly, let’s define “Cardio”: To the average gym-goer Cardio is anything you do to burn fat. It’s a little bit more complicated than that. But without getting too scientific we’ll just define...

Top 6 Misconceptions About Caffeine

By Rhiannon Lytle July 4, 2019
Okay, so let’s settle this battle once and for all: is caffeine bad? 

Success Story: How Merle Overcame A Series Of Health Problems Towards A Balanced Lifestyle!

When Merle joined Steve Nash Fitness 3 years ago, she was just recovering from both a golf injury as well as a prolonged battle with a serious flu virus.  At that moment, Merle was determined to get...

Eat That Chocolate: 4 Health Benefits!

By Rhiannon Lytle July 4, 2019
Yes, we want you to EAT CHOCOLATE! But let’s be clear, not just any type of chocolate. If you want to reap the health benefits from your post-lunch treat, you need to ensure you choose the right...

Free Weights vs. Machines: What's Best to Build Muscle?

By Anto Youssef July 4, 2019
“Hey Anto, I wanna build muscles. What do you think is better, using machines or free weights?” This is a question I get asked a lot at the gym by members who need some knowledge just like you if you...

5 Local Influencers to Follow On Social Media For Fitness Inspiration

By Bianca Gurgel June 29, 2019
Did you know that June 30th is International Social Media Day?  In its short life, social media has completely changed the way we interact, communicate and share information with others. To celebrate...

Top 5 Mistakes to Avoid During a GT12 Session

By Nicole Knight June 28, 2019
GT12 is a group training class that has 12 stations within it. There are total of 2 rounds with 30 second work and 10 second rest. Each station is set up strategically one after the other to maximize...

4 Tips to Help You Stay Healthy and Fit This Summer!

By Rhiannon Lytle June 28, 2019
Who doesn’t love summer? More sunshine and outdoor activities, hanging out with friends, fresh produce, less layers of clothing... we could go on for a while. But between all of the fun activities...