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Healthy-ish for the Holidays: The Perfect Pumpkin Parfait

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Success Story: Lavinia S. Overcame the Scale to Reach her Weightloss Goals

When you're afraid to step foot on a scale, starting your weightloss journey can be daunting - but that's the first sign you need to start! Lavinia recognized the signs, and is 70 lbs lighter today...

What's in My Fridge? By Personal Trainer, Sharaya Poulin

By Sharaya Poulin November 9, 2017
I try to stay away from processed and packaged foods as much as possible. I feel best when my meals start with a pile of vegetables, with some kind of carbohydrate in the middle, and finished off...

3 Ways SNFC Can Support Your Dream Job in Fitness

By Carlyn Rumohr November 7, 2017
As a Personal Trainer with SNFC you make a positive impact in your community by supporting the fitness, health, and wellness goals of others––all while working in an active, energetic and fun...

How to Get a Pinterest-worthy Workout Using Instagram

By Rhiannon Lytle November 7, 2017
Do you ever get to the gym and feel a little unsure where to start? Or maybe you're ready to switch it up and want some inspiration. 

How to Get a Proper Dose of Vitamin D During a Vancouver Winter

By Logan Dube November 6, 2017
We all love the summer––getting outside to do awesome, healthy, adventure, BC kind-of-stuff! And while we're busy having fun and getting our tan on, we soak up much needed Vitamin D.

Gingerbread Spiced Protein Smoothie

Healthy eating doesn't mean missing out on your holiday favourites. With some simple additions, you can spice up your go-to smoothie to bring in the holiday cheer. With this Gingerbread Spiced...

Success Story: How Wendy S. Went from Afternoon Naps to Long-Distance Running

Wendy knew something needed to change when she felt uncomfortable in her own skin. Looking to lose weight and gain self-confidence, Wendy started her journey back to fitness. Long time member, Wendy,...

Meet Bruce, Personal Trainer

By Carlyn Rumohr November 1, 2017
Bruce first joined SNFC as a Personal Trainer in 2012. Since then, he’s held leadership positions with #TeamSNFC as an Assistant Fitness Manager and Fitness Manager. More recently he’s returned to...

5 Gym Motivation Tips to Beat the Vancouver Rain

It's the time of year when the city gets a little wetter. But a little bit (okay, maybe a lot) of rain shouldn't stop you. With these five tips, your fitness routine will be stronger than ever.