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Success Story: Things Changed When Mackenzie Put Herself First

By Janis Behan August 29, 2017
It's been over a year since Mackenzie started on her fitness journey. She was tired of not putting herself first, and tired of being an unhappy and unhealthy person. So she moved out of her parents'...

Success Story: How SNFC Helped Chelsea Make Positive Changes in Her Life

By Janis Behan August 24, 2017
During the timespan of one year, Chelsea's father, grandmother, and grandfather all passed away; she ended her engagement, and she was involved in a car accident.  Needless to say, she was going...

Group Fitness Instructor of the Month: Emily

By Janis Behan August 23, 2017
We're excited to announce that August's Group Fitness Instructor of the Month is Emily Green. Emily teaches Group Fitness classes at Downtown Express, Howe and Davie, and Yaletown Fitness World––and...

5 Step Strength Training Program for Runners

By Robbie Hannon August 23, 2017
When devising a running program, very few running coaches (at the amateur level, at least) will include any type of strengthening program. Partly because it's not their job, partly because it's...

Denis Kang, UFC GYM: Coaching Beyond the Octagon

By Carlyn Rumohr August 18, 2017
Denis Kang has been on world stage since 2009, when he made his 2009 debut with UFC.

Success Story: How Albert V. Gained Strength Throughout His Chemotherapy

By Janis Behan August 17, 2017
Albert got the most distressing news on January 12, 2012: Stage 3 Colon Cancer. What followed? Major surgery and six months of chemotherapy.

Frozen Yogurt: A Happy and Healthy Way to Stay Cool This Summer

By Freshii August 16, 2017
The summer energy has been buzzing here in Vancouver. Kits beach is packed, lakes are full, paddleboards & volleyballs are out; the heat is here and we like it. ;)

Meet Sharaya, SNFC Personal Trainer & Seriously Inspiring #LifeChanger

By Carlyn Rumohr August 16, 2017
Since joining Steve Nash Fitness World & Sports Club in 2016, Sharaya has taken every opportunity to exemplify exactly what SNFC is all about. She's a Personal Trainer at Morgan Crossing Sports Club,...

Success Story: Christine W. Learned the Value of Nutrition as Part of a Healthy Lifestyle

By Janis Behan August 15, 2017
Christine's weight fluctuated over the years, and a slowing metabolism started to get the best of her. In her mind, she had embraced her curves and accepted this was going to be it for her, but...

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