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The Hip Thrust: How to Perform this important Exercise! (VIDEO)

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The Hip Thrust: How to Perform this important Exercise! (VIDEO)

The hip thrust; yes, it's an awkward movement and looks funny, but trust us when we say it's an important exercise!

Common Mistakes in the Gym: The Bench Press (VIDEO)

By Joshua Hubbell February 19, 2020
We start a new series: Common Mistakes in the Gym! In this series of blog articles, and now, video, we highlight important, key movements and exercises that the average gym-goer performs incorrectly,...

Is Fat-Free Really Healthier for You?

By Rhiannon Lytle February 18, 2020
For years, fat-free foods were all the rage. Fats were demonized for weight gain, high-cholesterol and heart disease. However, more and more research has been coming out that boosts the benefits of...

Fitness Activities or Group Workouts that you can do as a family!

By Kalena Morton February 16, 2020
The month of February brings Family Day! The perfect opportunity to get out and do something active with your loved ones. With everyone living busy lives, it can be difficult to not only find time...

All About the Axle!

By Ingrid Knight-Cohee February 14, 2020
Working with NBA players and elite athletes in NYC, Andrew Page realized that the 7-foot, 45 pound Olympic Bar struggled as a functional tool for most people. String together a couple BMX bike...

Group Fitness Classes That Are Great For You & Your Significant Other!

By Fawn Gill February 14, 2020
Looking for creative ways for the two of you to get hot & sweaty this Valentine's Day?

5 important things you didn't know about choosing the right supplement for you!

By Rhiannon Lytle February 12, 2020
Current situation: 3 supplements sitting in your cupboard that a friend told you to purchase, but you’ve barely touched them. Now, you wonder what they were for to start with. 

How can HIIT be more effective for some fitness goals vs. regular weightlifting?

By Kalena Morton February 10, 2020
There are currently so many different training methods out there, that It can be overwhelming when deciding which method is best for you based off of your personal fitness goals.

Fitness programming: what is it and how to make a program for yourself?

By Kalena Morton February 7, 2020
It’s a new year, and unfortunately, February is where we tend to lose focus on the resolutions we made for ourselves.