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Meet Sasha, Membership Representative & Personal Growth with SNFC

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Meet Sasha, Membership Representative & Personal Growth with SNFC

By Carlyn Rumohr September 19, 2017
Like many of us, joining a gym and learning about fitness was intimidating to Sasha. After hiring a Personal Trainer and joining #TeamSNFC, she achieved her goals and changed her life in the process....

Don't Miss the Park Royal Sports Club Grand Opening!

By Janis Behan September 19, 2017
Grand Opening of our Newest Platinum Club This is the gym of all gyms. Luxury fitness. 

New Parents: Bring Your Wee One to Zumbini this Fall!

By Daniela Tempesta September 10, 2017
A fresh, interactive way to get and keep your family active––Zumbini is taking SNFC by storm! Leave your worries behind with this 6-week program designed to lead you and your little one through a...

BCPTI Graduates Share Their Experience with BCPTI

By Carlyn Rumohr September 6, 2017
The Fall 2017 BC Personal Training Institute (BCPTI) session is about to kick off! We’ve reached out to recent graduates to share their experiences during the seven-week program and guaranteed job...

Feet First: Why Functional Training Starts From the Ground Up

By Logan Dube September 4, 2017
As a coach and trainer for close to 20 years now, I’ve seen how we exercise evolve dramatically! When I first started helping people learn to workout, I spent the first 3-8 sessions showing my...

3 Key Maneuvers to Prepare for Football Season

By Mike Chan August 30, 2017
Football season is just around the corner! Athletes have been training to prepare themselves for these upcoming months. As a football player myself, I have put together 3 tips and tricks to help give...

Success Story: David A. Retained His Shoulder Mobility Through Rehab

By Janis Behan August 30, 2017
David's adult life has been moderately active. He has exercised at probably a dozen places, including a home gym, over the years.

Fuel Your Body and Brain with Energii Bites

By Freshii August 29, 2017
Constantly hitting that afternoon slump? We know those tight timelines, busy projects, and lengthy meetings don’t help! You may find yourself reaching for a sugary drink or a candy bar to get back on...

Meet Nazanin, From SNFC Member to Assistant Fitness Manager

By Carlyn Rumohr August 29, 2017
Nazanin’s passion for health and fitness started as an SNFC member, when she was only 14 years old. Now a Personal Trainer, she has grown to inspire her clients and team members and was recently...

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