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Success Story: How a Medical Emergency Changed Carla's Life

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Success Story: How a Medical Emergency Changed Carla's Life

It's imporant to seek help when you're "just not feeling yourself". For Carla, it wasn't until she was rushed to the hospital that she found out something was really wrong. 

Get the Details on our Lonsdale Fitness World Grand Opening!

In case you haven't heard, Steve Nash Lonsdale Fitness World has officially been open since the end of December! (If you haven't already paid a visit to this club, you're going to want to see it....

You're Invited to (f)empower: An International Women's Day Event

(f)empower An International Women's Day event hosted by Steve Nash Fitness World & Sports Club We'd like to host you at our Downtown Sports Club on Thursday, March 8th, for an evening of celebrating...

FREE Motivational Screen Savers for your Computer and Phone

When you spend most of your day staring at your computer screen, and the rest of it on your smartphone, why not use it as a source of motivation?

How to Get Free Stuff Through the SN Clubs App

By Janis Blondé February 15, 2018
Who doesn't love free stuff? When you find out how easy it is to get free and discounted items just by regularly using the SN Clubs app, you're going to kick yourself for not doing it sooner! 

Wellness Technology you Actually Need

By Rhiannon Lytle February 15, 2018
There is a lot of fitness technology on the market these days. From everyday wearables, to in-bed mats and smartphone apps, it's clear that the days of physically logging your workout are done.

Success Story: Rebekaah K's journey from cardio queen to body building

Rebekaah isn't new to fitness, but her journey to health truly began when she found happiness in exercising. 

4 Slowcooker Recipes to Keep your Diet on Track 

By Rhiannon Lytle February 14, 2018
In case you didn't know, preparing meals in advance is key to sticking to any nutrition plan. But we get it - sometimes you're on a time crunch and you only have 20 minutes to spare. 

The Sports Bras you Need for Each Exercise

By Rhiannon Lytle February 14, 2018
Just like everyone is different, so is every sports bra. Each is designed for a specific set of activities to let you move freely and feel supported.