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Success Story: Lavinia S. Overcame the Scale to Reach her Weightloss Goals

When you're afraid to step foot on a scale, starting your weightloss journey can be daunting - but that's the first sign you need to start! Lavinia recognized the signs, and is 70 lbs lighter today because of it. 


Four years ago, Lavinia was afraid to step on a scale, knowing she was in for a number she didn't want to see. It was then that she decided it was time to start exercising and making better food choices. 

When she finally had the courage to step onto the scale, she was astonished to see how much weight she had put on over the years. At 215 lbs, Lavinia had more determination that ever to follow-through with her new lifestyle. 

Steve Nash was initially the gym that I enrolled in because of the convenient [location]. But it turned out to be more than just a gym, I spent a lot of time exercising and really loving the Steve Nash sense of belonging.

In those four years, Lavinia has lost around 70 lbs total. However she knew she couldn't have done it alone. Thanks to the guidance of a Lougheed Town Centre Fitness World personal trainer, Lindsay, Lavinia was able to tweak her fitness program to excel her progress. 

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