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Our Newest Class You Need to Try: Bungee Xtreme

What's new for 2019 in Group Fitness?

SNFC was the first and only fitness company to launch Bungee Flight in 2018, a unique class format using bungee cords and a harness for a safe and thrilling suspension workout unlike any other fitness experience. Bungee training has shown to be beneficial for all fitness levels with options suitable for everyone with goals ranging from rehab to high performance.


Bungee Xtreme

Now you can join us for the next evolution in bungee training: Bungee Xtreme! This new format builds on bungee basics and turns up the volume of conditioning by incorporating other tools for a high intensity interval, circuit style workout. Transition from one-of-a-kind bungee exercises to a variety of stations using the battleropes, dumbbells, sandbells and Bender Balls…it’s organized chaos to keep you challenged and inspired to improve each round. This is the workout to turn your New Year’s fitness resolutions into a revolution! Find it exclusively at our Park Royal Sports Club starting January 2nd.

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Our Newest Class You Need to Try: Bungee Xtreme

Bike to LeBarre + Axle Loaded

Still looking for more new classes? We have more to offer including our hybrid spin and barre fitness combo called Bike to LeBarre, as well as the next level of the Axle workout called Axle Loaded.

Bike to LeBarre fuses the high calorie burn of cycling with the muscle toning power of LeBarre. Spin into supple strength with this terrific two-in-one workout!

Axle Loaded builds upon the basics of our Axle Full Body class first introduced in Fall 2018 but incorporates weighted plates for more focused resistance training and a pre-cursor to serious power lifting. Axle Loaded focuses on developing power (speed x strength) and introduces weight plates from 2.5-10lbs for gradual but intense power training. Here’s to major muscles in 2019!

For these and all of our innovative cutting-edge classes, visit snclubs.com/classes for schedule, instructor, and location details. See you in the studio!