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Success Story: How Niki L. Reached her Goals with Group Fitness and Community

Niki had lost control – overeating, mental health issues, and a busy schedule made fitness seem next to impossible. With the help of group fitness classes, in-gym and online challenges, and the community built at Steve Nash Fitness World and Sports Club, Niki is motivating others to start their success story. 

At age 31, Niki was wasn't feeling in control. She felt stuck, sick and tired, alone, and knew she was fighting depression. Weighing her heaviest (227.6 lbs at 5'4" tall), Niki was unable to gain control over her eating habits, eating when she was happy, sad, bored, lonely, tired, angry, or stressed.

I had allowed the emotional eating, my depression and anxiety to bring me to a point where I weighed more than I did when I was 9 months pregnant with both of my beautiful boys. 

It was then that she decided it was time to commit, and put her energy into her fitness journey. This may have been the hardest part of her journey and she learned to manage her habitual eating habits and difficulty working out with the excess weight – but she was done with excuses. 

Joining an online weightloss challenge group, Niki found a way to motivate herself to get to the gym, and stay on track with her eating. She was regularly attending Abbotsford Fitness World, and thanks to early open times, Niki could fit workouts into her busy day – coming at 5 a.m. while her kids and husband slept. She started meal planning and prepping to always have food on-hand to fuel up during the day.

After three months, Niki had already lost 37.8 lbs and had more energy to play with her boys. 

I had way more energy to play with my boys, I no longer struggled with depression and I was becoming a much happier person. The fire inside me was stoked and I didn't want to stop there.

Joining another online challenge group, Niki started to branch outside of her "comfort zone" at the gym. Straying from her tried-and-true ladies-only areas and the elliptical, Niki was ready to try group classes to fight through her plateau. She felt challenged to push her body harder than she knew she could, breaking down mental barriers that had held her down in the past. 

She ventured into group cycling classes with instructor, Amy C., who encouraged Niki to fight through any anxiety of trying a new class. Niki still goes to that class today. 

Success Story Niki L Reached Goals with Group Fitness

She noticed the weight was starting to melt off again, and understood the importance of switching it up

Soon, Niki was also taking Zumba classes and started running, losing 50 lbs total since starting her journey. Taking part in in-gym challenges, and working occasionally with personal trainers like Jaime and Benny at Abbotsford Fitness World to learn new techniques, Niki found ways to stay motivated with the community created at SNFC.

The staff, personal trainers and management at Abbotsford Fitness World inspire me daily to keep going strong with their hard work ethic, encouragement, friendly demeanor and acts of kindness (such as the front desk staff taking ongoing before and after pics for me). I am so thankful for all of the support I have received, the new friendships I have formed and the inspiring people I have been blessed to work out alongside at [SNFC] .

She felt stronger than ever and was ready to help motivate others on their fitness journey. Niki started her own online weightloss group, inviting family and and friends to join in her fight for fit. 

Next – she signed up for Tough Mudder in Whistler. Niki started Bootcamp and "trained like a beast" (here are some tips if you want to train for some Tough Mudder obstacles). 

I pushed my limits and discovered that I was even stronger than I thought I could be. I dreamed and believed and on June 18, 2016, I achieved one thing off my Bucket List by successfully completely my first Tough Mudder Whistler.

Within 10 months of beginning her journey, Niki had lost 61.9 lbs, and kept it off during the busy summer months. She no longer eats to cover her emotions, and believes that she is able to achieve the goals that she has set. Niki now has a community of like-minded people, helping her to stay on-track and continue on her fitness journey. 

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