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Success Story: Natalia S. Shows Why Exercise is Necessary when Aging

Age shouldn't stop you from achieving your fitness goals.

In fact, as you age, it's more important to engage in physical activity to remain active and healthy. That's why Natalia N. started working with a personal trainer to target core strength and improve her mobility. 

Natalia has always been active with various sports, even as she has gotten older. However, she also knows that aging comes with unavoidable issues such as osteoporosis. This became more important to Natalia after a car accident, which resulted in whiplash injuries that needed a more specialized workout. 

success story: natalia s. shows why exercise is necessary when aging

Long-time Steve Nash Fitness World and Sports Club member, Natalia began her journey with Kung Fu at Kitsilano Fitness World, and was a yoga instructor for adults and seniors. Natalia knew it was important to seek help to ensure she maximized her workouts without risking injury. 

It was then that Natalia signed up for training with Joanne S. (Jo) at the Downtown Express Fitness World. Over the past two years working with Jo, Natalia continues to see personal progress with mobility, strength and better core stabilization, and acquiring neuromuscular gains.

I cannot say enough about how much I like working with Jo. I have learned so much from her vast knowledge of the anatomy and skill and technique in how my muscles, joints and the whole body functions. I like her attention to detail and how to safely do a workout. 

This motivation extends beyond the walls of the gym as Jo consistenly follows up with Natalia's diet and nutrition, ensuring she eats optimally to manage issues Natalia experiences related to aging. Jo works within Natalia's abilities and limitations, sometimes surprising Natalia with how far she can go!

The journey of transformation never ends.

Natalia has seen a lot of progress since starting to work with Jo. She can now lift a 20kg kettlebell, vault over a 10 riser step, and press, push and lift varying weights up to 15 lbs. Knowing it's a work in progress, Natalia continues to push and learn to stay involved in her health and fitness, understanding it's something she can't afford not to do. 


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