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MVP: Learn how Meg's newfound passion for fitness led her to her dream job!

The "MVP" blog series is a deep dive into the success and career paths of our SNFC team members, highlighting their stories and their journeys into fitness. 

Meg Bowles, Personal Trainer of Steve Nash Cambie, used to work in the health care industry, a role that she found to be stressful. 

"I was working 8 hours a day in the lab, and I needed a way to relieve stress," she said. 

Her only escape from labour was ballet, spending years in the dance studio on her toes as a ballerina. 

However, when things changed, she didn't know where to start.

"As soon as I left the ballet studio, I had no idea how to keep myself fit, or get in shape," she said. 


That's when she found Steve Nash Fitness World and Sports Club at Cambie and 12th, looking for a place where she could improve her physical and mental outlook. 

She also knew that she needed help. She wanted to get fit, get in the best shape of her life, but didn't know how, especially at the gym. 

That's when she opted to take the route of Personal Training. 

"(My Personal Trainer and I) started working together twice a week, every week," Meg told SNFC. "It turned into a two-year long relationship; we worked together every week for two years."

After her experience with Personal Training, she began to question her current career path. She knew that it was time to switch it up after becoming too stressful for her. 

During the time she had been thinking about where to go and what to do, her trainer at Cambie recommended she try becoming a Personal Trainer herself.

"My Personal Trainer here at Steve Nash was actually the one who planted the seed and said, 'why don't you try this thing that they say you can do? Turn your newfound passion for fitness into a career.'"

She closed her eyes, jumped in feet first, and enjoyed every step of the way. Meg joined BCPTI, did her 7-week certification, and was stationed immediately at Steve Nash Cambie, coming full circle. 

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What triggered you to make that career switch? 

Meg: "I was waking up everyday, looking forward to going to the gym, more than I was looking forward to do anything else. I knew it had become a passion, that I had to spend more time doing. Somebody had asked me once, 'if you never had to work a day in your life, money wasn't the issue... what would you do?' My answer was: I'd go to the gym... I had to do what they say, do what you love and you'll never work a day in your life."

What does it feel like being on the other side of that fence, helping others reach their fitness goals and attaining greater health? 

Meg: "I have to say, more fulfilling than I thought it would be. I went to the gym myself, I lost weight, I got fit, I gained so much mental clarity, but I never appreciated how It would feel when I was able to give that to somebody else... it feels amazing to be able to walk alongside somebody while they go through that journey, just like somebody walked alongside me and helped me get through."

Meg Bowles can help you reach your fitness goals at our Cambie location! She specializes in functional training, helping you get stronger and improve in your day-to-day actions and movements. She also works with women pre and post-pregnancy, helping them stay healthy and fit during their pregnancy, and recover appropriately after pregnancy, marrying her two experiences with the fitness and health care industry together.

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