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Movement Techniques That Will Improve Your Golf Swing

Summer introduces the clear skies and warm weather. What better way to enjoy that than to walk the 18-holes on a beautiful green course?

Many of my clients are now gearing down and working on their golf game, and how to hone in on their skills.

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I've put together my own training methods and techniques that may be useful to you in improving your golf swing.

When it comes to the golf swing, this type of movement is unique.

You would think it would translate to hockey or some other sort of rotation movement. but not quite. You see, golf is a very controlled rotational movement that drives through the hips, then followed by the thoracic spine. This type of rotation takes a series of detailed movements at a very controlled, but powerful, rate. It is important to work loaded movements that force your body to follow momentum and carry it through with stability and strength.

Movement Techniques That Will Improve Your Golf Swing

I like to practice movements like the Bulgarian Bag swing, or banded rotations. Exercises like these force you to rotate using strength, but at the same time, with lots of control to ensure the weight stays within the range of motion it needs to be in.

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Movement Techniques That Will Improve Your Golf Swing

Having a strong, yet controlled core (especially your obliques), will give you an upper hand when it comes to utilizing the spiral fascial line, which is primarily responsible for your rotational movements. A great way to work your obliques while having a great power output, are lateral wall ball throws. This is a textbook way of using lateral/rotational movement while engaging your obliques at a very high power rate.

Movement Techniques That Will Improve Your Golf Swing

Mobility is also something that cannot be overseen. Thoracic spine and lower back stretches are very important for you to be able to have the range of motion to swing. Scorpion stretch, Side-to-side leg drops, and Bow and Arrows are great ways to increase that flexibility to access the full potential of a swing.

If you utilize these movements to apply to your game, I guarantee your golf swing will progress. I practice them myself, and implement them into my clients' programs, based on what sports they are choosing to work on.

Have a great summer, and keep playing the sports you love, while continuing to excel at them! 

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