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Morgan Crossing Sports Club Rolls Out eGym Intelligent Strength Training Machines

Morgan Crossing Sports Club is now (un)officially our test gym location, as we're launching eGym, a system of intelligent strength training machines, at this club.

You can use this new, German-engineered equipment for free at Morgan Crossing, which by the way, is the first and only installation of these products in Canada! We want to see if you like them, so make sure to try them out and let us know what you think. (Ask us how you can get a free demo!)

Morgan Crossing Sports Club Rolls Out eGym Intelligent Strength Training Machines

What is eGym, you ask?

The eGym solution is a cloud-connected system that combines intelligent software with the latest fitness equipment to provide our members with a training experience that is easy to use, fun, and motivating. 

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Automatic machine settings

After a one-time introductory session, the eGym machines will adjust to your settings automatically at every training session. And through regular strength measurements, the machines will adapt your training weight automatically to suit your training objective–whether that is weight loss, muscle building, or just general fitness. You will always work out with the optimum resistance to achieve your fitness goals.

Morgan Crossing Sports Club Rolls Out eGym Intelligent Strength Training Machines

Schedule and track workouts

Your training data is automatically synchronized with the eGym platform and is available via egym.com and eGym fitness app. Let your training plan be sent to your smartphone, check off exercises as you go, and track every single training session inside or outside of the gym. Plus, your trainer can review your progress, and adjust your training plan and goals accordingly!

BONUS: You can create an eGYM account straight from your SN Clubs app to track workouts! Just select "Record a Workout" and follow the steps to set up your account.


2. Record a Workout IMG_1401 6. eGYM app

Receive insightful analysis

Your training progress will be visible and will show your potential for improvement. Also, eGym allows you to automatically collect data from external devices and apps such as Fitbit, Runkeeper, Strava, and Garmin for your training records, and to incorporate this information in the training analysis.

Challenge yourself!

You can organize fitness teams to improve motivation and compete for eGym points. Or just challenge yourself to see if you can reduce your biological age. The eGym solution will provide your assumed biological age based on your upper body, core, and lower body strength. Based on your fitness needs, your trainer can open up new levels and gamified challenges.

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