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Meet Molly Smith: SNFC Ambassador, and Major Fitness Transformation Inspiration

If you're looking for motivation to start your fitness journey, or even if you've hit a plateau, you need to check out Molly (also known as @Molsinspire). 

We had some time to talk to Molly about her journey, including what she's learned, how she hit her big goals, and what goals she wants to hit in the future. 

Starting her journey, Molly was focused on losing weight through dieting. While she had seen success, it wasn't until she found fitness that she really started seeing improvements. 

Even better? Molly starting working with a personal trainer to find out what exercises she needed to hit her goals and stay injury-free. While she had stuck to the cardio machines for a long time, Molly had severe issues with her hip alignment, leaving her in debilitating pain. Hip issues, and cardio exercises don't always work well together! But after seeing her trainer, at Kelowna Fitness World, Molly was pain-free and crushing goals she didn't know she had! 


Read our Q&A with Molly here!

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