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Meet Rita, Payroll Manager at SNFC’s Corporate Office

Rita first joined SNFC in 2012 as a contractor on the Finance & Accounting team. Before her contract expired she was asked to become a permanent member of #TeamSNFC. From contractor to Accountant and now Payroll Manager, Rita has experienced rapid growth in her careerWe asked Rita:

Why #TeamSNFC?

I've seen tremendous growth at SNFC’s Home Office and exciting changes within the company. I am proud to have supported the team through the opening of new clubs, relocation of the Home Office, upgrades to programs, the automation of processes and the addition of UFC GYM.

“It's exciting to see where we are today compared to 5 years ago and even more exciting to see where we will be in another 5 years.”

What’s Been Your Best Moment(s) With #TeamSNFC?

By far, my favorite part of working at SNFC is the people I get to work with. At SNFC’s Home Office, we are like a family who cheer each other on, offer a lending hand and enjoy each other’s company. As the Payroll Manager, I interface with the club team members and really enjoy building those relationships. It's motivating to work with individuals throughout SNFC who thrive to be the best versions of themselves, both in their jobs or in their personal life.

How Has SNFC Supported Your Goals?

Personally, SNFC has motivated me to stay healthy and to continue to be active. Professionally, I’m fortunate to work with managers who have believed in me and my abilities from day one. They have guided me to my current role and have always supported me in my growth and in my studies.

What Advice Do You Have for New Team Members?

Work smart, don’t be afraid to ask questions, and always try to understand the “why” behind any task you are doing.

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With 1,000 team members serving over 100,000 members across 23 locations, we offer best-in-class fitness facilities where fun and wellness are built into our employer brand. We are growing throughout BC and are happy to be part of Canada’s healthiest province. A career with us means achieving your personal and professional goals! We are committed to training and developing each employee so their opportunities for growth are endless. If this sounds like the career for you, visit our website to view current opportunities.