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Meet Clarenz, SNFC Operations Manager & Enthusiastic Team Builder

Clarenz started with #TeamSNFC two and a half years ago on our Front Desk team working part-time on weekends. He has continued to grow in his roles and was most recently promoted to Operations Manager at our Howe and Davie Fitness World location.

We love Clarenz’s story because what started as “just a job” has turned into a career where he has the opportunity to grow and inspire his team every day. We caught up with Clarenz and asked him these questions. 


Why is health and fitness important to you?

Health and fitness has been a part of my life for a very long time now – I was a professional dancer in the past. Now that I have stepped back from dancing, being able to be in an environment that involves health and fitness is still very important to me.

Why did you choose SNFC?

I applied at SNFC because being active is one of the key things that keeps me living a happy and healthy lifestyle. It is important for me to always work in a place where I like what I’m doing and that makes me happy. Without the guidance of my District Operations Manager and mentor I would not have realized how many opportunities SNFC had to offer.

“I get the chance to pass on the same inspiration my manager did to me to others. I am truly grateful for that.”


Tell us about your time with SNFC; what has been your best moment?

What was initially started as just some extra income and a gym membership all changed about a year later when I met the best coach, leader and supervisor I could ever ask for. She has guided me through my journey with SNFC up to this date – it’s been inspiring and I want to follow in her footsteps.

From part-time weekend Front Desk to full-time Front Desk to Front Desk Lead and now an Operations Manager I get the chance to pass on the same inspiration my manager did to me to others. It’s been the greatest opportunity that was ever handed to me and I am truly grateful for that.

One of the best moments that I’ve had during my time at SNFC is going go-karting with the Operations team – I came in third overall! Hanging out with all the other Operations Managers throughout the company was a lot of fun! It was a great reminder that even though sometimes work can be a handful, it can still be really fun.


What is your favorite part about working as an Operations Manager?

Being able to build my own team, nourish them and see them grow! Being able to connect with and hear both my team and the members’ stories is priceless. And the opportunity of continuously learning new things every day!

What advice do you have for aspiring Operations Managers?

“Keep on truckin’ – It’s worth the ride.”

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