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Make it To FIFA With These Soccer Training Moves

As soccer is an endurance sport, as well as a very quick one at the same time, having fast feet are key.

When training for soccer, working with ladders is a great way to increase footwork, coordination, and speed. Running through different patterns while keeping your eyes up will keep things exciting, as well as challenging.
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Make it To FIFA With These Soccer Training Moves
Soccer players take pride in the power within their legs and the explosiveness that comes along with them. That's why weighted plyometric movements, both lateral and linear, need to be incorporated within your training regiment. Things like:

  • Weighted jump squats
  • Banded ice skaters
  • Weighted jumping lunges

Make it To FIFA With These Soccer Training Moves

This create maximal strength at a very high power output, and simulate a lot of explosive movements in all directions within the actual game. 

Lastly, to utilize a very progressive type of resistance, working with bands is an awesome way to step up your game. Taking the movements of the game, but incorporating the band will not only increase power output, but also control and increase agility when playing. 

With that all these modalities and systems blended into your training program you will notice a huge increase within your performance.

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