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Learn How SNFC Ambassador, Nick Rutckyj, Got His Start In Fitness

We have a wonderful team of SNFC Ambassadors – students, athletes, radio hosts, moms, etc. that love to exercise so they can live their best life #BeyondSNFC. We'll introduce our ambassadors over the next few months so you can get to know them a little better!

We want you to meet Nick Rutckyj! Nick is a current student on his way to get his degree in engineering, played college baseball, and loves to hit up the gym with girlfriend Jordan Krause.

Nick's journey to find SNFC doesn't exactly start out well. After suffering severe knee injuries, he found himself sedentary. Going from a life of training for baseball nearly 8 hours each day to the couch was a tough blow. 

Meet SNFC Ambassador, Nick Rutckyj

That was when Nick started spending more time at the gym. It became his way to relieve stress and focus on getting physically active again. 

Today, Nick manages the gym among his schedule of school and work. Each week, Nick spends about 45 hours at school, but manages to fit in nearly 10 hours at the gym each week! 

How? Well, it's his way of focusing and relieving stress from his long days at school. Plus, he's found a routine that he loves and knows that's the key to any successful fitness routine (c'mon, look at the guy, he's definitely found SOMETHING that works!).

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