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Improve Your Tennis Performance With These 3 Moves

Tennis is a very fast paced, dynamic sport which means having control and stability in the most basic movements must come first, before you can master the crazy!

Here I have my top three exercises to improve performance and prevent injury during tennis.

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First off is the pallof press.

Using a standard cable machine or resistance band that is set up around shoulder/chest height, position your body sideways to the anchor, grabbing the handles with both hands. You should be approximately a meter away from the anchor. Have your feet set hip distance apart and knees slightly bent. Create tension in your feet and knees while squeezing with your glutes and pushing knees out. Hold the cable in front of your chest as the starting position, then press the cable directly straight in front of chest, fully extending both arms. Keep your core tight and engaged for the entire exercise.

This is going to improve your counter rotation strength, meaning you will have more control over your body while hitting the ball, making fast movements around the court and when bracing your core during your swing.

Improve Your Tennis Performance With These 3 Moves

Because tennis is not just a sagittal plane sport, it is important to strengthen your glute medius and lateral muscles to improve your side to side abilities on the court.

Begin by wrapping a resistance band around the knees, always below and set your feet hip distance apart with a slight knee bend. Similar to the pallof press, have your feet pushing into the ground and forcing knees out. Then you will take your foot and place it a step out to the side, squeezing both glutes and pushing knees out while painting neutral core.

Try doing this 15 steps each leg, the more you force your glutes to work by squeezing, bending your legs and driving the knees out, the more you will feel the burn!

\Improve Your Tennis Performance With These 3 Moves

The last exercise will get your heart rate up and help with agility and foot work.

To perform this you will need a ladder painted on a turf or a speed ladder. Alternatively you can create your own.

Run through the boxes by having two steps into the box and one foot outside. Progressively move forwards through the boxes.

Focus on staying light on the balls of your feet and incorporating your arms for more of a dynamic movement.