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I Thought Barre Was Boring... Boy, Was I Wrong!

I don’t think I’m alone here…do you love HIIT training? I admit it, I was a HIIT training junkie and didn't feel like I'd actually worked out unless my heart rate got into the red zone and I'd pushed my body to the limit.


But as a fitness pro, I recognize cross-training is immensely important to cover all components of fitness and avoid burnout and/or injury. I decided to explore other formats both to diversify my own workouts and to expand my teaching repertoire.

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At first, my impression of a barre style class was a slow-moving, boring workout... until I took a few classes.


After, I started to feel fatigued in targeted key “trouble spots” like glutes and deep core muscles, I knew something was working. I actually dripped sweat, and once I felt breathless I knew that the signature Le Barre class format at SNFC was for me.

When your body begins to tone and become more flexible, you want to keep up the momentum. I took the certification class and started encouraging my HIIT fans to follow me to the Barre! Never did I think this would be something for me, but I was quickly convinced and have never looked back.

Le Barre is a fabulous small muscle movement workout. The focus is high repetition and low to no weight, focusing on stabilizer muscles and lengthening muscles through contractions. Every movement is important because you don't let any muscles rest. It is focused, dance based, rhythmical, intense and even fun… and the results are awesome!

This form of fitness was inspired by real principal dancers at Ballet BC and is therefore designed to achieve the long and lean dancer’s body that so many are seeking.


What sets "Le Barre" apart is the added floor barre work towards the end of class.

You will go through simple, yet effective, ballet positions lying on your back or sideways to place different stresses of gravity on your body, making for more interesting layers of pin-pointed muscle toning. Finish off with core work using a Bender Ball for a well-rounded total body workout. You will feel the work your muscles exerted the next day, but the results will keep you coming back for more. 

Have I convinced you yet? Will you meet me at Le Barre?!

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