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How You Can Get Out of That Running Slump

There's not much like that runners high. And when you're in a routine, running becomes an easy habit. But what happens when you hit that slump?When you finally get passed the first stage of running (usually the one where you force yourself to go) you start to actually love it. Each run is a new time to express yourself, and push your limits. 

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But, like every new routine, you might hit a slump. That's why we want to help you push through and make sure you make the most out of your new habit

How You Can Get Out of That Running Slump

Here are the 4 best ways to get out of your running slump. 

1. Find a friend

Having someone to go on a run with means you will hold each other accountable while having fun at the same time.

Even better? Plan to grab coffee after to make a date out of it!

2. Find a nice scenery 

Find different scenery that energizes you or trails that challenge you. Different is good, and changes things up to make it more exciting and fun!

How You Can Get Out of That Running Slump

3. Intervals 

By doing intervals, you won’t get bored and it will keep your heart rate going. This can be done on the treadmill or outdoors.

Pro tip: find a song that has a good beat and a strong drop/more "energized" parts. These are great times to push yourself and your speed. Or even take to the sand. You'll have added resistance to get your heart pumping a little harder. 

4. New music playlist

Find yourself a new playlist that you can listen to while you run. Running to the beat keeps a good rhythm.

If you're new to running, check out these posts on how to fuel properly, the recovery stretches you need, and the best strength training program for runners. 

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