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How Weight Lifting Can Help You Lose Fat

When it comes to fat loss, many people think that cardio is the best option. It is true that an individual will burn up to 700 or more calories during an intense hour of sprint, and probably only half of the amount of calories during weight training.

However, if we only look at the number of calories that we burn in a session of weight training, then we are missing out on the other fat loss benefits strength training can offer.


With resistance training, we are expect to build more muscles therefore increase our basal metabolic rate (BMR) and the number of calories we burn AT REST. This is something that cardio training would not be able to offer.

Research has also shown that a pound of muscle burns approximately 7-13 calories over a 24-hour period whereas a pound of fat only burns between 2-5 calories. As a result, if someone is able to increase the amount of muscle mass, the person will increase the number of calories her/his body burns at rest, which can increase the speed of fat loss.

Cardio does not cause the same stress on the muscle as lifting heavy weights and the stress in weight training causes greater need for repair. As a conclusion, post-workout calorie burn will stay for longer in weight training than cardio training.

I believe that the best way for fat loss is to perform a combination of resistance training and cardio by performing resistance training first and cardio after. Strength training modalities including weight machine, cables, dumbbells, kettle bell, barbell.

Compound exercises are extremely effective for fat-burning such as squat, deadlift, push-ups, pull-ups. Doing strength training 3-4 times a week with a 20-30 minutes of cardio afterwards give people the best result.

After all these, the most important aspect for fat loss is to incorporate a proper nutrition plan. Endless hours in the gym without proper nutrition means nothing and won't give you as much result.

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