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3 Movements with the Battle Ropes: Wave, Whip, and Slam

I have to admit there was a time that I got really intimidated by the long, thick, and heavy cords called the “Battle Ropes,” but now all of those intimidations are gone–thanks to Powerwave.

Unlike any other classes, Powerwave uses battle ropes in an ever-changing form of movements that increases your mobility and range of motion, and has the added benefit on different muscle groups.

Battle ropes are often thought of as a tool for your upper body–which they are–but the benefits do not end there. It is a great core training exercise, because the abs, back, and glutes are all engaged–and by incorporating movements such as jumps, lunges ,and squats, you are really working your entire body.

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Here are my 3 basic ropes movements to get you started incorporating battle ropes into your workout:

1. Waves

3 Movements with the Battle Ropes: Wave, Whip, and Slam

This move creates an alternating pattern. The direction of force is primarily towards the anchor point. Although this is known as a beginner's move, the varieties of intensity layering are endless. My favourite variation is lateral lunge waves. Both feet are wide apart, start off with your lateral lunge movements by shifting your body weight to one side of the heel, bringing it back to the centre (standing position while keeping the core and intact at all times), and finally shifting it to the other side. Once you have the control of these movements, you can start creating the alternating waves patterns and keep these two actions going simultaneously until you reach your desired fatigue point.

2. Whip

3 Movements with the Battle Ropes: Wave, Whip, and Slam

This is another move that emphasizes the direction of force towards the anchor, but with symmetrical patterns. The beauty of battle rope whip is in the equal power distribution for that ultimate upper body workout. My favourite variation is the squat jump whip. It starts off with your seated squat position and both hands holding the ropes closer together (for more control and power). In the squat position, vigorously whip both ends of the ropes together to create a set of four explosive waves patterns and by the time you hit the fifth waves, jump off that squat position and softly landing back to the initial squat position. Repeat.

3. Slam

3 Movements with the Battle Ropes: Wave, Whip, and Slam

Out of these three moves, slam is my ultimate favourite battle rope move. It is an aggressive movement where the primary direction of force is down towards the ground, varying intensity with elevations and gravity. The beginner slam move is simply lifting the ropes as high as possible and forcefully slamming it to the ground with a controlled and powerful burst. To add another level of intensity, you can try the rainbow slam. Essentially you will be creating arches (think rainbow patterns) while slamming the ropes to each side of your body. While you're at it, you can always add some lunges too. Boom! Whole body workout in one simple, yet powerful, move.

There you go, three basic and popular ways to start your battle ropes workout. But we do not stop at just these!

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In Powerwave classes, we explore several more movements in many directions such as side-to-side, up-and-down, or in turbulence circle. We team up 3-4 people working on one station and with simple interval rotation in a circuit, and you end up with a whole body workout in no time. Often there will even be a little bit of competition going within the stations on keeping the waves going. Who doesn’t love a little bit of healthy competition?

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