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5 Tips To Help You Wake Up Earlier When It's Still Dark Out

Working out in the summer was easy. A 6 a.m. run? The sun already woke you up, so why not? But as the sun starts rising later each day, it can be difficult to find the motivation to get up and go. 

Starting your day off right, whether that's a workout, a meditation session, or just to give yourself a little extra time instead of rushing out the door, is key to a productive rest of your day. 


Luckily, we've got the tips you need to find your drive, no matter how dark (and maybe rainy) it is, outside. 

1. Place your alarm away from your bed

When you're forced to actually get out of your bed, it's less likely you'll hit snooze. If you're worried you won't hear it, you can place it on a shelf on the other side of the room. Or go big, and put it in a room near you!

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2. Splash your face with cold water

If the whole "cold shower" thing isn't your deal, that's fine! It's not most people's. You can splash, or wash your face with cold water to wake yourself up a little. 

If you think you can try the cold shower, start slowly! Try 8 seconds for the first week, and slowly work yourself up to a minute. 

3. Turn on a light immediately

It may feel a little shocking to start, but trust us. Turning on a light cues your body that it's day time and that you should actually be awake. 

You can also go with one of those fancy alarms that mimic sunrise. 

4. Scroll social media for a bit

Now, this one is controversial. Many people have talked about the impact of staring at a phone or computer screen while sitting in the dark, but sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do to wake up and get stuff done! Follow people that you are motivated by: fitness accounts, motivational quotes, etc. 

Add a little motivation by scrolling through a fitness channel or check a hashtag that inspires you (we hear #SNClubs has some good stuff 😏).

5. Keep fuzzy sippers and a housecoat beside your bed

Make rolling out of a warm bed in the winter months a little more tolerable by taking the warmth with you! Have your housecoat and warm slippers right beside your bed so you still have cozy time as you prep the real MVP: coffee