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How to Find Time to Stay Healthy as a New Mom

Are you new to the mom game? Amazing job–you are going to be one great mother! If you're used to living an active life, and are worried about your fitness with your new little one, we're here to help!You might have a new sleep schedule, and a few other demanding priorities (feeding, diaper changes, etc), but that doesn't mean that you can't incorporate fitness to your new life. 
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Here are 6 ways that you can find time to stay healthy as a new mom: 


How to Find Time to Stay Healthy as a New Mom

1. Walking will change everything.

There's a reason you should get in your 10,000 steps each day. Why change that when you've had a baby. 

You may not feel ready or strong enough to get in a 5K while pushing a stroller, but going for a long walk each day gets you some much-needed vitamin D, and exercise! Make it a triple-task and call a friend or family member you've been unintentionally neglecting. 

How to Find Time to Stay Healthy as a New Mom

2. Prep meals as much as possible.

Reality check: having a baby is tiring. And as much as you want to think you'll be making wonderfully healthy meals while baby is fast asleep, you might want to be sleeping too. 

Take time on weekends (or when you have energy), to roast a bunch of veggies, make some crockpot meals, or bag a bunch of smoothie ingredients. 

*Remember, if you're breastfeeding, what you feed yourself is what you're feeding your baby too! Keep that as incentive when the Ice Cream or Jr. Chicken Burger is calling your name.

How to Find Time to Stay Healthy as a New Mom
3. There is NO shame in asking for help to make time for the gym.

First, many of our clubs offer child-minding services for any parents who would like to bring their children with them! 

Second, asking for family or friends to come spend time with your little one isn't putting any burden on them. In fact, they're likely excited to get some one-on-one time with him/her!

How to Find Time to Stay Healthy as a New Mom

4. Get your home workout on. 

If you can't find time to get to a gym, finding an online program that works for you is a great alternative. Usually, these programs also have a community of other women and mothers that you can reach out to for ideas and support. 

If you're finding it hard to get in one solid workout, break it up throughout the day! Try out 15-minutes of abs in the morning, 15-minutes of legs in the afternoon, and 15-minutes for arms before dinner time. Add in that walk at any point in the day for a little boost of cardio. 


How to Find Time to Stay Healthy as a New Mom

5. Get up early. 

If you really want some time alone at the gym, or like to get in a long workout, try to get up early and fit in a workout before your day even begins!

It might not sound all that appealing, but sometimes you just gotta do, what you just gotta do. And if you have the right drive and determination, a 5am workout is a breeze!

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6. Book a few sessions with a personal trainer. 

Taking some time with a personal trainer, even for 2 or 3 sessions, is a great way to learn the most time-efficient ways to work out. 

Whether you schedule sessions for some weekly motivation, or just a few to get some tips and tricks, a personal trainer is a great way to get started on a solid fitness routine.