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How to Do an Upper Body Workout Using the Hoist Machine

If you're thinking: "Hoist machine.... what's that?"... you're probably not alone.

But you actually might recognize this machine as the one that you currently avoid in the gym. We're here to change that! We're going to show you a few simple exercises that you can start incorporating into your workouts on the Hoist, so you can start looking more like someone who knows their way around a gym.  

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In the video below, Personal Trainer, Meghan, demonstrates six different exercises on the Hoist machine. Try them out and see how you do!


Chest Fly

You can do a lot with the cables! In this example, Meghan is using them in a fly movement to work her chest. Exhale as you pull your arms together in a rainbow shape. Carefully and slowly release and pull them back to position. Try for 12-15 reps.

How to Do an Upper Body Workout Using the Hoist Machine

Core Twist

Once again, using the cables, you can work different parts of your body, just by adjusting the height of the cable, and the format in which you push or pull the cable. Keep your core tightly pulled in and your stance firm, using only your upper body to follow your arms as your twist. Repeat on both sides for 15 reps.

How to Do an Upper Body Workout Using the Hoist Machine

Arm Raises

Here's another workout with the cables for you to try. Move the cable connection to the bottom to allow you to pull up laterally to work your deltoids. This exercise also strengthens your back.


This bent over row exercise is using the landmine. You can add any weight you wish–but we suggest starting off light, and keeping your back flat, core stable, and chest out while you row.

Chin ups

Any one of the bars on the Hoist machine can make a suitable chin up bar. This machine really is multi-functional! Remember to keep your chest up towards the bar, and squeeze your shoulders together. 

Rock Wall complex

Climbing the rock wall complex, you'll improve your grip strength, and upper body strength. See how many times you can go back and forth!

If you need any assistance at all with these exercises,
please don't hesitate to ask our Personal Training staff to help you.

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