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How to Deal with "After-the-Gym" Hair (When You Don't Have Time to Wash It)

If you’re like us gals at the Steve Nash World & Sports Club Head Office, you sometimes like to get a quick workout in on your lunch hour, to maximize your hours in the day. Some workouts are more intense (read: sweaty) than others, and if you have long hair, you definitely don’t have time to wash and dry it before getting back to your desk. (My trick is the quick rinse in the shower without getting my hair wet, keeping to my schedule of only washing my hair every couple of days.)

This may or may not (let’s face it, it probably will) destroy the cute hairstyle you spent 20 minutes styling before you got to work. Ladies, you know the struggle is real. Sometimes, you don’t even have have time to shower! 1:00pm meeting, anyone? Ugh.

Well, we’ve come with a few expert tips to help you come out of the gym looking and smelling fresh as a daisy, without anyone being the wiser of your sweat-drenched hair.

1. Prepare Your Hair

First things first. If you don’t prep your hair before the workout, this is the biggest mistake you’re (probably) making. Dry shampoo can go a long way. It helps zap away the oils and the dirt, and prepares it to absorb the sweat you’re about to pour out into it. The trick is to only spray it at the roots and brush it through, then style as you normally would.

Our Dry Shampoo picks:

Living Proof's Perfect hair Day (PhD). This dry shampoo actually cleans hair by using fast-acting powders to soak up not only oil, but also sweat and odor.


A Steal for under $10: Batiste (you can find it at your local drug store)


2. Use a Fabric Hair Tie or Scrunchie

If you’re going to want to wear your hair down after your workout, I’d highly suggest using a soft fabric hair elastic, or a scrunchie for your workout–yes, they’re back in style, and you can find really cute ones (like the pink velvet one from Topshop below)! This will help prevent the dreaded “kink” in your hair from your ponytail or bun.




3. Use Texture Spray

I don’t know about you, but I’ve only started using this recently, and I love it! It helps you get that Blake Lively beach-wave look we’re all after, but don’t really know how to do. (Am I revealing too much?) Spritz a little bit of this after your workout to give your hair a little salty crunch. 

drybar Mai Tai Sea Salt Spray: $31 at Sephora


A steal for only $5: Garnier Fructis De-Constructed Texture Tease


4. Blow-Dry & Style

Use the blow-dryer to get the hair at your roots as dry as possible (our suggestion is to flip your hair upside down to give it some extra body.)

5. Use Hair Accessories (or Hats!)

A good way to hide the greasiness at your hairline is to cover it with a cute sporty headband or kerchief. Cute and functional, we are big fans of that. Or, just wear a hat! If your workplace is super casual and allows ball caps–lucky you! If not, throw on a dressier floppy sun hat, Panama-style hat, or wide-brimmed Fedora. 

Try something like this pink paisley headband from J. Crew for $17:


How cute is this pink suede ball cap from Nordstrom for only $28?


Or for the fashionista, this Brixton wide-brimmed fedora for $100.


Now, if all else fails….

6. Put it in a messy bun or braid and get going!

A messy topknot can looked polished, too. Just use your fingers to throw it up into a ponytail (a bit messier of a look hides the sweat better than brushing it in smoothly), then twist it up into a bun, pin it, give it a spritz of hairspray for those pesky fly-aways, and you’re golden.

Psst... Just don’t forget about all the other important things you normally do after working out, like splashing cold water on your face, throwing on some deodorant, and refreshing your makeup. And don’t be late to that 1:00pm meeting! 

Hopefully you're now set for your next lunchtime gym session!