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Resources to Help You Crush Your 2019 Fitness Goals

Keeping up with your new year fitness goals is tough work. 
But, we've got a number of resources that will help you crush those resolutions and get you the results you're striving for!

Group Fitness Classes

Steve Nash Fitness World and Sports Clubs have a number of different Group Fitness classes that are bound to help you in a variety of ways, and most of which are FREE! 

If you're looking to increase your flexibility, strengthen your muscles, unwind and relax, our clubs have traditional yoga classes along with a variety of combination classes! One example is CRUSHHH, a high intensity workout with intervals of deep flexibility work to give you the perfect balance of sweat and relaxation.

We've also got Fusion, fusing yoga and pilates together to unite your body, mind and spirit in a fun, focused workout.

Other Group Fitness classes from cardio, strength, cycling, stretching, and more are: 

  • Spin to Le Barre
  • Forever Fit
  • Zumba!
  • Powerwave
  • Knockout




Looking for a little extra accountability? GT12 is a new signature program offered at all SNFC locations that can be added on to any membership!

GT12 gives you all the benefits of group fitness classes with the results of personal training. Working in 12 pairs, you will workout at 12 different exercise stations for 12-minute rounds of high intensity interval training to burn 1200 calories. The goal is to master 12 different exercises each session, and improving your performance, abilities, body and health while being time-efficient and fun.

The new, signature fitness session is for everyone, from busy moms, to those new to working out, to competitive athletes, to professionals in the office. 

If you're in need of some guidance and an extra motivational push, this is a great way to get it!



Personal Training

If you're looking for even more guidance, accountability, and discipline to keep you focused on those fitness goals, we have our certified Personal Trainers!

They're capable of helping you get quick results the way you envision them! 

From therapy, to rehab and recovery, bodybuilding, losing weight, and plenty more, our Personal Trainers have the knowledge, resources and education to help you reach your goals and knock off those New Year's resolutions. 

They will keep you accountable! If you're feeling lazy, eating poorly, not working as hard as you could be, they'll make sure that you remember your goals and challenge you to be consistent, train hard, and bug you to get up in the morning!

They'll be able to assess your goals and provide you with the right plan for your body, your schedule, and lifestyle. They'll be able to setup the nutritional plans for you, give you workout routines and circuits you can do on your own, and let you know when you've been slacking!

Book a session now with a Personal Trainer to become the healthiest you've ever been.

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