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Success Story: How Mengting Lost Over 18% Body-Fat & Became His Best Version!

Mengting was over-weight for the past 10 - 15 years, because of his bad life style and diet habits. As he got into his 30s, he could feel some health issues. He started having sleep apnea, which affected his energy throughout the day. That was when he decided to make a change!

Mengting Yuan!

Mengting started his fitness journey in April 2018. At that time, he was 209 lbs with a 29% body-fat percentage. He was working out at Richmond Oval Village Fitness World 6 days a week, doing a combination of resistance training and cardio exercises.

The biggest challenge for me is to give up all that unhealthy food I used to eat. It was hard in the beginning of my weight loss journey, however I successfully restricted my daily calories intake to 1500 kcal with healthy food choices.

During the first six months of his journey, Mengting lost more than 60 pounds and over 18% of body fat! He gives his personal trainer, Michael Tran, the credit for his success:

Without him, I don't think I could ever succeed. Michael is an experienced trainer, he trained me hard on every training session, and motivated me everyday. Michael was not just helping me in the gym, he gave me advice whenever I needed one, including everything from exercise to diet suggestions.

Mengting's lifestyle has totally changed. Now, he has a healthier relationship with food, is active and the happier he has ever been!

I'm still keeping going strong to achieve my next goal - building more muscle to have a better body shape.

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