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Success Story: How Leonardo found confidence and support through Fitness!

Leonardo found himself in a place of unfamiliarity, moving from Brazil to Canada to pursue his passion to start a degree in Game Design.

Living by himself for the first time, in a new city away from friends and family, the daunting change made him join Steve Nash at Howe and Davie.

However, Leonardo didn't show up for almost two months, scared about what people would think if they saw a big kid in the gym.

During this time, he opted to try losing weight by starving himself, which turned out to be incredibly unhealthy for him. 

"I finally decided to commit and speak with a Personal Trainer," he said. "I was 260lbs, and close to 40% body fat. I had no confidence, and couldn't even do a single push-up or squat pattern." 


This was when Leonardo was introduced to his Personal Trainer, Jack, at Steve Nash Howe and Davie. 

"After weeks of working out, I fell in love with the training, not just because of the noticeable changes in my body, but because of the unwavering support of not only my friends, but the members and staff in the gym that started taking notice of my progress."

Working out has changed Leonardo's life forever, making it the best year of his entire life. He made new friends and memories, with incredible results: from 260lbs to 189lbs and 40% body fat to barely 17%. 

Amazing job, Leonardo! We're excited to see how much further you go with your fitness journey!

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