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Honouring SNFC Moms: Meet the Mom Who Can Do It All, Teresa Wright

Ladies and gentlemen, this is Teresa Wright.

She is a District Fitness Manager, who oversees nine different Steve Nash Fitness World & Sports Club locations, and all of the personal trainers that work at those clubs.

Want to know what an average day in her shoes looks like?

Teresa is in two to three clubs per day, training and developing our Fitness Managers, as well as our many personal trainers. She also always seems to find time to fit in a workout during the day–either before work, or mid-day (talk about dedication!) She usually starts her day working from home tackling administrative tasks, then visits our clubs throughout the day from 9am-7pm.

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On top of all of that, she is a mother! So we'd like to take just a minute to honour Teresa, as one of our amazing SNFC Moms.

Honouring SNFC Moms: Meet Single Mom, Teresa Wright

We caught up with Teresa, who is obviously very busy, and asked her:

What do you love about fitness?

Where to start!! The way it makes you feel, the energy increase, stress release, and the effects it has on your body.

Honouring SNFC Moms: Meet Single Mom, Teresa Wright

How do you incorporate fitness into your personal life?

Although I have been a trainer for 20 years myself at this company, I still train with a personal trainer, in addition to working out on my own.

I don’t skip workouts, but I do need to plan them; I literally have to book it into my calendar when I plan my whole month.

How has fitness influenced the way you parent?

My son had massive open heart surgery in 2014. The doctor said that we were extremely lucky that he was so active–that made his recovery much faster and he was able to start playing soccer again within months. So the health benefits of fitness are very close to my heart.

My son is 14-years-old and loves gaming, or being on his phone. Too long on his electronics does not do him well! He also LOVES playing soccer and staying active, so I believe the key is finding the balance! There isn’t a day that goes by that he isn’t doing something active. He recently even started to workout a little bit with me at home. Not only do I understand the importance of influencing a healthy lifestyle for children; it also helps with stress relief for parents!


What are your favourite activities to do with your son to stay healthy?

Almost every Sunday we play basketball as a family at my parents' place. We all have a blast, staying active, with lots of laughter and family competitive fun! In addition to soccer, soccer, and more soccer!

Thank you so much to Teresa for telling us her story! Don't you feel inspired to get outside to throw a few hoops with your family or friends every now and again? 🏀

Psst... Don't forget to ask us about family add-ons to your membership!

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